Here is a list of all my recovery-related posts–starting with the first time I shared my story with the world. This page is updated frequently so as to follow me along on my bumpy recovery journey.

My Story

F Your ED

True Life: I’m Full of Gratitude and Food

Recovery Wins

Sunday Night Feels

All I Do is Eat


Sunday Morning

Two Pounds

You Know You’re in Recovery When…

Saturday Brain Dump


I’m Trying to be Okay

Recovery Goods

Spaghetti Arms & Bloated Bellies

Mini Rant

Freaking Extreme Hunger

New Year, New Me (Not)

Speak Up

Am I Worth the Help?


No exercise allowed


5 Things


Stuffed Saturday

Give me all the Ben & Jerry’s

Ice Cream is The Real Deal

Body Orders


Water Retention

Weighing Wednesday

What Will You Gain When You Lose?

Holding It All In

Two Week Update

Three Week Update

Ed Free

To Annie, From ED

Month Update

Fat isn’t a Feeling

A Weekend to Remember


I Love Your Ever-Changing Body

Update Again

What I Learned From Gaining 20 Pounds

You Are Not Your Body

Extreme Hunger in Anorexia Recovery

I’m Grateful For My Eating Disorder

Stop Loving Your Body–Just Exist

Extreme Hunger Strikes Again (and again)


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