Hi humans!

A little change is coming to the blog. I spent the past 5 hours (yes, it’s 8 a.m.) working on all the pages for my blog and organizing them into menus on the side.

I did this because over the next couple of days I will be migrating away from WordPress and onto my own self-hosted platform using Squarespace. I wanted everything to be organized so that I can hopefully just import all of my content over there rather than having to start fresh and lose all of my posts!

Also, I decided to stop posting my vlogs on the blog and will be sticking to Youtube for those–most of you guys are here for my text posts and I don’t want to bore those of you with my ramblings (on video) (I still will ramble via blog post) so I went ahead and took those off.

I actually took off about 150 of my 400 posts, and now I have just the posts up that are inspiring, relevant to me, and fun.

I’m excited to move this blog forward and there are a lot of big opportunities for both me and the blog in the future! I got an offer that finally gave me the kick in the pants to get the heck off of WordPress. 🙂 Sorry WordPress, you’ve been good but you are so restrictive!

Anyway, I just thought I would let you know that there are going to be changes in appearance over the next week or so and my site may even be down for a bit if necessary in order to make the jump. Hopefully it works this time, unlike earlier in the summer when I tried switching to BlueHost and ended up just totally losing everything!

Oh, and Happy Halloween!


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