if sleep is for the weak i am the strongest woman alive

Hi humans!

Long time no talk! Sorry about that. It’s funny because I feel like I should say, “I’ve been busy,” but to be honest I’ve been less busy than I have in probably 4 years and I still haven’t blogged.

If you watched my last vlog, you know that I no longer work at the job I had been working at about 50 hours a week. Surprisingly, since I was granted 50 hours of free time, I was actually quite overwhelmed. If you know me you know that I thrive on staying busy, being productive, and not having much free time.

I have been keeping busy with school and getting other freelance things done since I left work one week ago, but I’m starting to get antsy. Yes, I’ve been applying for other jobs in the meantime but I’m actually working on something pretty exciting at the moment that hopefully will prove to be special and lasting for me.

Anyway, the real point of this post is to say that EVERY SINGLE MORNING I WAKE UP AT 3:27 A.M. AND DON’T FALL BACK ASLEEP!

Not joking. 3:27 every day. AND, I go to sleep around midnight so I’m getting 3 hours of sleep a day, essentially.

I have noticed this has happened since surgery, and I have a few theories.

One being that I hate sleeping on my back. In the past, when I would wake up in the middle of the night I could fall back asleep so long as I turned over and slept on my face. I can’t really do that anymore!! I have to sleep on my back, and I can’t even sleep on my side for about another month. So, there’s that.

I also read that waking up between 3 and 5 can mean that it’s something related to your kidneys and adrenal glands, OR your bladder. I have noticed that I’ve been peeing like crazy lately for some reason (I assume it’s because I’m still trying to get rid of IV fluids/anesthesia?) Anyway, I usually do have to pee when I wake up so it makes sense. I’m also usually hungry at this time, despite eating right before bed. Lately have been thinking that I may have hypoglycemia. All of these things are related–so I think I’m going to get that checked out.

It’s so annoying, though! I wake up at 3:30 every day. Lay in bed until 4 hoping I’ll fall asleep. (I never do.) Get up. Eat some food. Get back in bed and start doing freelance work because WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO AT 4 AM?!

It’d be nice to just get one nice night of sleep. Hopefully I can get this all worked out. I’ve always had sleep issues, so it’s not a HUGE bother to me in all honesty because I’m so used to it. I’m used to being awake for 20 hours out of the day or even more–some periods I go days without sleeping and feel no tiredness. I don’t know. I HAVE ISSUES OKAY.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and update you all and also say that I’m planning on being way more active on the blog and Youtube. Doing those things will help me in my current endeavor (I’ll share soon, I swear!) and really, those are two of my most favorite things in life. Writing and editing videos. Also eating ice cream. (Side note: I’m starting to wish I would’ve went to culinary school because I want to be a food tester on the Food Network. Chopped or Cupcake Wars? Yes.)

Talk to me:

Do you have issues with sleep?

Video requests/Post requests?



One thought on “if sleep is for the weak i am the strongest woman alive

  1. Girl! I have the same problems! Not sleeping and the peeing too much. Apparently some of it has to do with high cortisol (which I have) but I’m having such a hard time finding anything to help!


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