Thinkin’ Out Loud Thursday 10.1.15


Well, it has certainly been an interesting couple of days since I posted my last post. A certain online forum had a heyday over me announcing the news, and sadly they’re all mistaken on one thing. I don’t really want to get into it here, because I really want to stay positive about everything but the allegations being made against me aren’t true and I just wanted to quickly touch on that. The GFM was not for my boobs. Just because I didn’t mention a surgery on my blog does not mean that it did not happen. Some things I keep private, and that happened to be one of them. Okay, moving on!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve participated in a Thinking Out Loud Thursday, or any link-up for that matter. I got to the point where I felt like I was obligated, and the posts weren’t genuine; rather, they were a bit forced. I’m not going to let myself do that any longer, hence why my posting was very minimal for a while. Now, I seem to have a renewed outlook on everything and actually desire to post almost every day if I have the chance! Anyway, I wanted to participate today. 🙂


  1. Notice the new outfit? And by outfit, I mean blog design. I was irritated with my old, crammed layout and it honestly looked like crap. I knew it looked like crap, but I never had the time or motivation to sit down and fix it. Ironically, it took maybe six minutes to change. And I personally think it looks 900 times better now. What do you think?
  2. IT’S FREAKING OCTOBER! I can’t believe that those weren’t the first three words of this post…who am I? But seriously, I LOVE October and FALL and SWEATERS and the fact that today was the first day it rained in Reno–almost as if the clouds knew the date. I’m currently wearing a sweater that my mom bought me for my birthday, leggings, and boots. Maybe this outfit should’ve been saved for casual Friday, but maybe I do what I want. (Watch me get fired for it.)
  3. Speaking of getting fired– the only other guy who used to share my particular office building with me GOT FIRED last night. Sucks for him, but I have my own office once again. I’m pretty stoked about it, because I used to get up and stretch a few times every day and that was put on hold since he entered my woman cave a couple of weeks ago because I didn’t want to make him think I’m some sort of weird hippie. Actually, one time when he got up to go to the bathroom I got up to stretch, but he came back really fast and it was pretty awkward for the both of us.
  4. Touching on what I said earlier about my last post–I can’t forget to THANK all of you who have been seriously SO supportive and cool about everything. I would say I received 92% support and 8% hate, which is really pretty unreal if you think about it. It blows my mind how sometimes people can be a little too concerned with someone else’s life choices that are not relevant to them personally, or even anyone else. I understand standing up for what you believe and spreading awareness but come on–we’re talking about a boob job, people. Not abortion, not gay marriage, I even can justify outspoken vegans more than attacking someone for getting plastic surgery. How does it affect you? How does it affect anyone but me? Like I said, those of you who were super cool about it…well, you’re super cool. I also had a handful of emails saying that they have been considering getting a BA, too, and that my vlog really helped them. That was my only intention when I decided to vlog my process! Those videos helped me so much, and I just want to do the same for others. Okay, enough about the boobs.
  5. It’s October. Did I mention that?
  6. Oh my gosh–you know how you can “Pay it Forward” at Starbucks? Yesterday, I decided to do that because I had two free rewards on my account–one from my birthday, and one from earning 12 stars. Anyway, I told the barista that I wanted to pay for the older woman behind me. She ended up getting a venti latte, which normally is like 5 bucks! The woman was outraged. She told me that she “wasn’t a charity case” and that she could pay for her own drink. So, she did. I still lost my reward, though. I literally walked out of Starbucks, sat in my car and stared ahead blankly for a good five minutes. It was so weird to me. Like, what? I still don’t understand. I can’t even remember what I said back to her or if I even said anything. IT WAS LIKE THE TWILIGHT ZONE.
  7. I’m seriously dreading the amount of homework I have to get done this weekend. I have to write two giant essays ahead of time so that I’m not trying to do them while on painkillers. Although, they would probably be really insightful. In order to write one of the essays I have a 400 page book to read, and they other essay is a thesis that has to be 20-25 pages. YAY. Oh well, looks like I’m moving in Starbucks for the weekend. (Is it just me, or can you only get work done when you leave the house? If I try to do homework at home, I can’t focus. I end up doing everything else, because I just can’t get my brain in the right place.) It’s fine because it will be so worth it when I can just relax after surgery and not have to worry about work.
  8. I got the new Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar last night! Jarrett and I were at GNC buying mass gainer (welcome to my life) and they had them there! I had to try one. I’ve heard mostly bad things, but I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt because I love every other flavor (besides the peanut butter ones.) I’m going to try it later today, so I will report back my findings!

Alright, I wanted to have a solid 10 things but I only had 8 and I’m not going to force it because…like a fart, if you have to force it, it’s probably crap. Wow, I hate myself for saying that. Jarrett always says that and I hate it so much.

I hope you all have a lovely first day of October! I want to go jump in puddles tonight, so I’m going to force boyfriend to come along.

Talk to me:

What’s your favorite thing about October??

What are you going to be for Halloween? –> I need to figure this out still.

One fun thing you’re doing this weekend?



3 thoughts on “Thinkin’ Out Loud Thursday 10.1.15

  1. It’s ridiculous that lady got mad at you for your random act of kindness. But yes, I guess some people can take paying for them as an underlying judgement. Still very sweet of you!
    I’m curious: what are your essays going to be about? My sister had to write a few lately, too, and I was lucky to be her proof-reader <- yes, I genuinely enjoy that :).


  2. Would you be willing to do more haul type videos? You said your mom took you shopping for your birthday and I love your style (among other things!) thanks


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