Working For Myself.

Hi humans!

This post is going to be quick, because I know if I try to explain all of my thoughts that it will just end up being a cluster of poop.

Getting right to the point–I want to work for myself.

I’ve had SO many jobs and one thing I’ve learned is that I hate working for people.

I know, I sound dumb and you’re probably thinking, “No one likes working.”

But that’s not the issue–I LOVE working. I’m extremely self-motivated and I love putting in long hours to accomplish something. I love having the reward of a paycheck and knowing I can support myself at a young age.

That’s why I know that if I were to begin working from home, for myself, that I would be motivated and independent enough to be successful.

I’ve had my current job under two months and I already am itching to get out. I do not enjoy it. I’m not enjoying what I do, I’m not challenged, I feel out of place here because it seems so far off from my goals and aspirations.

I want to begin working full time for myself. What does that mean? At this point, I don’t know. Sure, I would love to be able to make this blog big enough to support me full time (who on the blogosphere doesn’t?) but that’s quite a rarity. There are people who do it, but the numbers are few.

So what do I want to do? Have my own business? Maybe. Work with people in recovery? Yes, but I’m not licensed in nutrition or dietetics and would not be able to legally do so. Sure, I can offer support, but I already do that. Am I even making sense?

I want to find what the magical thing is that is going to make this happen for me. I WILL work full time, for myself, remotely. I will NOT come into work at 7:30, clock out for an hour lunch, and clock out at 5 for the day. That’s not my thing. It’s a lot of people’s thing–but not mine. I can’t. I cannot handle it. My mind is in 6 billion places at all times of the day and my creativity is forced to be bottled up. I have NO time to be creative anymore because if I’m not at work, I’m doing homework.

Now, I graduate in two months so I plan on keeping my stable job until then simply because I don’t want to risk graduation. Until I graduate, my juices will be forced to be suppressed. (Ew.)

I want to solidify my personal brand and figure out what it is that will get me to this goal of making my own hours, having a schedule that fits my life and allows my personal and mental time, and more. I realize that working for yourself is a TON of work, but I’m totally ready for it. I know I will love it.

The rub is that I’m about to graduate…why did I just go to school for 4 years to get a degree that I may not even need? Well, I’m going to find a way to use my degree to benefit my…whatever it is. I’ll find a way.

This ended up being sort of long. I guess I just want advice from those of you who work from home and have had success: what should my next steps be? What should I consider? How did you do it?

Anyway, I’ll shut up now and get back to work. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Working For Myself.

  1. Hey girl,
    I couldn’t agree more with you – I could write the same thing verbatim. I do have a paycheck job, but I was lucky to find it- it’s part time and pays extremely well doing what I love (arts and crafts to help mental health adults). BUT the rest of my days are spent working on my freelance portrait art business (check me out by the way, And I have plenty of time to do go out at my convenience/shop/do other things if I am having a creative block.
    I would say the fact that you got into the advertising world, AND that you are very good on computers is the biggest plus you could ask for- you’ve got a great tool there, and use it to promote yourself in whatever creative endeavor you eventually pursue or are trying to sell. You got that in the bag! Also, the fact that you are SO good with people you will have no problem going out and about to get yourself known, you must use that as well.
    Find what you love to do, find a way to sell your skills, or offer your skills, and create a business card, make a website, make flyers/brochures/postcards, do freebies, ask to do presentations at schools or venues to talk about what you do, what you can do for them, and why they need your talents/services.
    Like I said, your education in advertising/public relations experience is a very strong asset to have right now.
    Just spend some time jotting notes/doodling down ideas that would make you so happy to be doing at home everyday. Everything you can think of, even if you think it’s not a lucrative idea. Just get it on paper. Then look over your collection and brainstorm!! Developing your “brand” typically won’t happen overnight. Save your $$ from this 9-5 to maybe help fund what you may need for business start up after you graduate.
    Best of luck to you!!


    1. Hey! Checkout the October issue of Allure.. And the ten page spread in Rodan and Fields! I recently found this opportunity to have my own virtual franchise and partner with the Proactiv dr’s… It’s a fun .. Great opportunity that you can take it as far as you want. I have a full time medical career and make a decent extra paycheck working maybe 8-10 hours a week via social media. It’s so flexible and anyone can do it … ! Email me if you ever want to learn more ….


  2. I always love your vlogs on youtube! Like I seriously get so excited when I see you’ve put up a new one! I know youtube has become a big success for some people and I have seen you mention Maryssa Lace before and I am not 100% on this but I think her job is working from home as a you tuber? I honestly think you could do it and that could be a great way to help those in recovery as well without the degree of a dietitian! Just a thought! I don’t really know a lot about youtube but it seems like people are very successful on there! Good luck girl! I love your blog, it makes me want to be friends in real life 🙂


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