21st Birthday Weekend Recap

Hi humans!

First of all: do you think I’m going to die because I just ate chicken that I didn’t realize had been in the fridge for 8 days? It was cooked, but I immediately went to Google and it told me I should probably make myself throw up. Since that’s not even an option, I sit here waiting for something to happen or to poop my pants or something. I think I’m making myself sick just thinking about it. I’ll update you on my intestines tomorrow.

Time for a little update! Starting with my 21st birthday weekend…

If you follow me on Twitter/Snapchat (annie_mish) you know that I had a bit of a crazy, rough night on Thursday after going out with friends to celebrate my 21st. Let’s just say Jarrett is a lifesaver, and I’m back to being an old woman again because I can’t hang. I have many, many more pictures from this night but I’ll leave you with two semi-normal ones.


Before that disaster, though, Jarrett and I went out to dinner and my best friend ended up getting us a limo for the night! I also won some money playing blackjack. It was a lot of fun…until it wasn’t. But that’s okay. I don’t regret the night at all.

Friday was spent in bed. All day. I had no other choice. I had a lot I needed to do, but I literally could not. Forcing 5000 calories down your throat when you are extremely nauseous is probably the worst thing I’ve ever experienced.

Saturday my mom came into town! Yaaay! It has been a tradition every year for four years now that she visits me on my birthday. (I just realized I’ve had four birthdays in college and now I feel old…) She brought me presents, we went shopping, saw The Visit (highly recommend) and got a pedicure. Sadly, she had to leave to get home to see my dad who just returned from a trip, and it was goodbye until Thanksgiving.

I spent Sunday working on all of my independent study work and I actually didn’t even finish it all. I have to work on that tonight so that I can get ahead, because the next couple weeks I won’t be feeling like doing homework…

…I have surgery on October 6 and I will be out for a good two weeks after that. I took a week off work to recover, but even once I get back to work I’m going to feel pretty puny for a while. It takes 4-6 weeks to be fully good to go to exercise and be semi-normal, but I’ll be feeling better after two.

What? Surgery? Whaaa?!? Yes. Don’t worry. My explanation video will be up on Wednesday. I’m sure you’re all pretty aware of what’s happening, but I plan on vlogging my experience. Until then…

How was your weekend?

Have you ever eaten old chicken? I hope so, because that means you’re alive still. 



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