{recent eats wednesday: chunks & donuts}

Hi humans!

It’s hump day. The zit of the week. Wednesday. Whatever you want to call it. Over here on the blog it’s just Recent Eats Wednesday!

This week’s theme is “chunks & donuts”. Why? That sounds like someone ate donuts and then puked everywhere. You’re disgusting, Annie. Because while I was going through my photos that I took over the past week, I noticed that I basically only had pictures of my night snack. My night snack almost always includes a gain bowl and a bar of some sort (along with other stuff, I usually have about 1600-2000 calories to catch up on for night snack) so I thought I would just roll with it and pretend I planned this out.


Hopping directly into the donuts and chunk porn…


Gain bowl + Sprinkled Donut Crunch + CCCD Questie


Deja vu the next night.


Not my favorite flavor, but at least I was overly blessed with chunks.

(Overly blessed with chunks? This community is so weird, dude.)


Oh look, more mini donuts.




Chunkalicious definition.


S’more chunks, please.


Gain bowl ft. donuts AND my first time trying this flavor of Combat Crunch..

Cookies ‘n Cream: verdict?


It’s my least favorite. I swear, I just can’t get behind this flavor of anything! It wasn’t bad, but I’m just obsessed with the Hershey’s Cookies ‘n Cream bars so anything that doesn’t taste like that is a no from me.

Chocolate Chip Cookie dough to wash away the not-so-good Combat Crunch bar. Yeah, I ate a lot this night.

I also had five scrambled eggs w/ salsa before work this morning, so I figured I would throw this in here just to be random.

Those are my recent chunks & donuts! That seriously sounds so gross. Anyway, Sprinkled Donut Crunch is my new favorite cereal and I highly recommend it. It tastes like this one special edition Toy Story cereal they used to make when I was younger, so I think it’s mostly nostalgia that I’m tasting.

Talk to me:

Top three favorite Quest Bars? –> Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, S’mores, White Chocolate Raspberry/Double Chocolate Chunk tied for third.

Favorite sugary “kid’s” cereal? –> Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Frosted Flakes…all of the cereals.



9 thoughts on “{recent eats wednesday: chunks & donuts}

  1. My favorite quest flavors: Apple pie!! Mixed berry bliss, and PB&Jelly. But Can’t leave out banana nut muffin, strawberry cheesecake, cinnamon roll and vanilla almond crunch. Haha I like fruits and nuts 🙂
    Favorite kid cereals: waffle crisp!! Golden Graham’s, honeycombs, golden crisp/smacks, apple jacks..
    >>Do you remember Oreo Os? Lol
    You gotta check out luckyvitamin for quest bars- 24.99 a box, or you can buy singles for 2.09. If you want a 15%off coupon code for the quest bars on that site (making them 1.78!!) let me know 😉 free shipping over $49


    1. Ooh, you like all of the fruity ones! I really don’t like any of the peanut butter ones, but I do LOVE banana nut and cinnamon roll. I actually love coconut cashew, too, even though I usually hate coconut. Go figure. Dang, you just reminded me of all those cereals! I like them all! I will definitely check that site out!


  2. I recently tried that donut crunch cereal and no joke, that stuff is like crack. sugary goodness that i can’t stop eating. there are way too many good cereals to choose from these days but i really like Oh’s, you can only get them at certain places. and no quest bars for me, clif bars for the win b/c they are vegan. I’m convinced quest bars don’t actually have the fiber they claim either, they just sit in your stomach like a rock.


    1. IT’S SO GOOD! Oh my gosh, I used to eat Oh’s every morning when I was younger! They’re so crunchy and amazing. I think Quest Bars do have all that fiber–only because if I eat more than one I’m literally running to the bathroom in pain. Hahaa.


  3. My faves are s’mores, chocolate chip cookie dough, and cookies and cream… but mint is pretty good too… decisions decisions ;). Loving the gain bowl theme- it seems like so much fun to just throw fun foods into a bowl and face plant (unless you’re feeling super full that is). Sending happy vibes your way Annie!


  4. Hello! You have inspired me so so much I can’t even begin to explain! I feel like I have so many recovery questions for you though and was wondering if you’d ever consider making like an ask.fm or anything? I’ll just ask a few now if you have the time to respond that would be great 🙂 If not totally okay! Lately I hve felt really weak especially in the legs, all my muscles have deteriorated due to this ilness, I am not eating 3000 at least and am hoping this will improve? I just want to feel strong again, will the muscles build even if I’m not eating protein based foods? (I’m eating quite a lot of “carby” and “junk” foods because thats what my body is craving) Will these foods still build the muscle back up? And how long did this take for you? (if you experienced it?) Thankyou so much for sharing your incred life you seem like such a great person


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