Supa Sick.

Hi humans!

I’m super sick. Thursday was supposed to be a super fun day of going on a quading trip with Jarrett and my dad, but I could only hang for about 2 hours before I was too nauseous to continue. We hung out with my dad for a while then headed back to Reno, and since then I’ve been really sick.

I’m supposed to be packing up my house this weekend so that I can move everything next weekend but I literally cannot. I’ve just been getting ahead in my independent study classes because I start work Monday and I want to get ahead.

Really though, I’ve had horrible headaches, stomach aches, nausea, and heartburn (random?) and it’s not fun. I’m really weak and tired so I’m assuming I have some kind of stomach bug. Force feeding yourself 5000 calories a day despite wanting to puke is not fun.

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been the past few days. Today and tomorrow will be spent resting as well in order to make sure I’m good to go for my first day of work Monday.

I’m sure this illness is brought on by stress, because normally my immune system is stellar. I never get colds or flus, so I think my heightened stress lately made myself susceptible to catching this horrendous little bug.

I’m currently eating Ben and Jerry’s after my lunch of Top Ramen and Ritz crackers (classic sick food) and trying to wrap my mind around how I’m going to move all of my clothes and belongings again. Ugh.


I planned on planning posts for the week since I won’t have time this week, but I just don’t feel hot at all. I hope you all are doing better than I am!



5 thoughts on “Supa Sick.

  1. Praying it’s just a stomach bug that will clear up quickly. It’s gonna sound weird, but maybe have your doctor check you for strep? My kids get it really often (more than normal kids) and your symptoms sound dead on. The good news is that if it is that, an antibiotic will knock it out super fast. So sorry you’re sicky.


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