Make Yourself Feel Better.

Hi humans!

Do you ever wake up and just feel kind of “blah” ? Maybe you just aren’t feeling like yourself, or you feel down about something, or you’re stressed. I ask that question like you have a choice–of course you have those days. Sometimes you have to push through it and go to school or work, but if you find that you have a mostly free day ahead of you I have some nuggets of wisdom for you ahead.

Here are some things you can do to make yourself feel a little better.

feel better

  1. Grab your phone and send a super meaningful text to someone you care about. Tell them why you care about them, or why they’re awesome, or something you admire about them.
  2. Pick up a pen and a piece of paper and write a list of ten things you are super grateful for. Dig deep– don’t just say things like “bronzer” or “cookie dough” or “Victoria’s Secret” … not that any of those are on my list.
  3. Listen to a podcast while going for a walk. You can even just listen while laying in bed. Sometimes you need to just LISTEN to someone else talk rather than watch something or be stuck in your own head. Listen to something inspirational, or funny, or scary, or ridiculous.
  4. Turn off your phone and computer and television (oMG WuT?) for 45 minutes and find something to do. I know, I know. It’s hard. I’m sure you can find something.
  5. Organize something. Anything. Even something that doesn’t need to be organized. It’s rewarding as sh**. Clean out your closet, organize your desk, your fridge, your drawers…I’m sure you have a lot of stuff that could be better organized.
  6. Plan something fun. It’s a lot easier to do the not-so-fun things that we have to do when there’s something in the future that excites you. I’m not saying to live in the future and not be present, but who doesn’t want to finish all of their homework or get ahead on work when you know that in a month you’ll be on a road trip with your friend?
  7. Drink something warm. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate…whatever beverage your little heart desires. Warm liquids are super soothing and even if your brain isn’t in the best place, the actual physical act of drinking a hot beverage does things to your brain that will make you happier. Serotonin, my friends.
  8. If you have a human that you like/love in your presence, go hug them. Hug them for 20 whole seconds. Don’t question me on this one.
  9. Pour a gigantic bowl of cereal and inhale it. I mean a GOOD cereal…not Special K or Fiber One. No, no. I’m talking Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Fruity Pebbles or HAVE YOU TRIED SPRINKLED DONUT CRUNCH? Try it.
  10. Find some quotes that inspire you and write them down. Crafty? Paint them, collage them, or DIY them in one of the thousands of ways that you can find on Pinterest. Put them up somewhere that you will see them and be motivated when you wake up on another day like today.

    I know that none of these are new or innovative ideas, but sometimes it’s easier to just sulk and be sad than it is to proactively take measures to help make yourself feel better. Maybe you’ll wake up one day feeling like poop and think, “Hey, I think Annie did a post about this once…” Or maybe you won’t. But I tried.

Talk to me:

What do you do when you’re feeling sad and you have an open day ahead of you?

What’s your favorite childhood cereal? –> Fruity Pebbles. I could eat a whole box at once.



6 thoughts on “Make Yourself Feel Better.

  1. Love this list! I tend to either go on a walk while listening to a podcast, read a book, doodle/draw, or like you said, organize/make lists. I hate feeling unproductive, but on days where your mood is down I find it helpful to just try to relax and destress.
    Or I watch youtube videos (yours included ;))!


  2. My favorite childhood cereal was Kix. I loved that stuff! Now I don’t care the cereal as long as I can eat it with peanut butter (it’s a skill I’ve mastered).
    When I’m feeling down I go for a bike ride or sit in the sun.


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