Things You Don’t Have to Do.

Hi humans!

Rather than bore you with some weird intro as per usual, I’m going to get right into what I want to say today. Rather than give you some tips on how to be happy, or content, or live a perfect life...I’m going to remind you of a few things that you don’t have to do.


  1. Prove anyone wrong.

For some reason we have this notion that we have to “prove our haters wrong” or to show the world that we can do something that seems impossible, or be something that people say we can’t be. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Do whatever the heck makes you happy and prove to yourself that you can be successful and happy because that’s all that matters in the end.

2.   Take everyone’s advice.

Sure, it’s great to get advice from others and learn new perspectives. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that just because someone tells you how to do something or how to think or feel that you have to just take it and run. Take others’ thoughts and opinions into your brain and let your brain’s mailroom take care of it. Let your brain sort out what to keep, file away for later, or put in the trash. Oh, you didn’t know that you had one of those? Yeah, you do. Remember that one episode of Spongebob where his mind workers empty his mind of everything besides fine dining and breathing? No? Okay.

3.   Look a certain way.

Okay, I’ve beat this dead llama for like a year now so you should all know how I feel about this. You don’t need to look a certain way for anyone or even for yourself. Your body is a vehicle for your soul and that is all. Doesn’t a Prius get you to the mall the same way that a Mustang does? Or a Jeep? Or even a semi-truck? Maybe that wasn’t the best analogy but just go with it. Stop thinking you have to lose weight, tone up, nip this, tuck that, smooth, tan, contour…the list goes on. Society (I’m looking at you, PopSugar, Cosmopolitan, etc. etc. etc.) leads us to believe that we have to eat less and !!DO THESE 6 MOVES FOR PERFECT ABS IN 3 DAYS!! but society is an idiot. I hate that guy. Work on your soul. It’s more rewarding.

4.  Do things you don’t like.

No, I’m not giving you a free pass not to pay taxes or clean your room or visit your mother-in-law or pick up dog poop in the backyard so that your gardeners stop getting really angry at you and cursing in Spanish while they mow the lawn. All I’m saying is that if you really take a second to reflect on the things that you spend the most time doing and you happen to realize that you’re spending WAY too much time doing something you hate...don’t do that. Tada! Time is valuable…life is valuable and short…fill it with things that enrich and excite you otherwise you’re going to be a very sad camper. Unless you don’t like camping, then don’t do that. In which case WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!? Camping is the best. Point is: don’t torture yourself because you feel like you have to–whether it be work, fitness, dieting…whatever. Be nice to yourself!

5.  Be super good at one thing.

A lot of times we will get down on ourselves because we feel like there isn’t one particular thing that we shine at–nothing that we’re best at doing or being. You don’t HAVE to be an expert at any one thing in life. Guess what? You’re good at a lot of things and you have a lot of talents and attributes that make you who you are. Maybe you’re not amazingly good at singing, or dancing, or school, or sports, or art…maybe you feel like you’re just kind of “there” and that you got ripped off when God was handing out all of the talents. Don’t think you have to be a superstar in any area. Just live your life and do what you enjoy. You do have talents, and chances are even if you THINK you’re not super good at anything…you probably are. You maybe just don’t realize it, or maybe you haven’t realized it yet.

I hope my “anti to-do” list was helpful for you. It’s hard when we feel like we have to do so much just to be a functioning human and I know that I constantly need a reminder to chill the f*** out and just be my own human. Jah feel? Jah feeeeel.

Talk to me:

Is there something you force yourself to do all of the time even though you don’t enjoy it?

What’s one of your weird talents?



3 thoughts on “Things You Don’t Have to Do.

  1. I really like this post. There are so many things I tell myself I need to do, I forget to tell myself not to do things. I needed this 🙂


  2. UGH ANNIE YOUR BLOG GIVES ME LIFE. please keep writing all the words, you are wonderful.

    and the thing about bodies being vehicles for the soul is so perfect….. wishing we could live in a world where no one has bodies and we’re all just floating heads, man.


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