{c u r r e n t l y } ; august 2015

Hi humans!

I’m sitting here on Jarrett’s bed while our laundry is being done and I just finished my dinner. I have the vlog all edited for the day, but since it takes a lot of computer power for that I figured I would put it up later and just do a quick blog post right meow!

I’m really excited about the pint of ice cream I have waiting for me in the freezer.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve done a “Currently” post…I remember my first one was in July of last year, and it was like my 3rd of 4th blog post! Crazy to think about. Maybe I’ll go back and look for that post.

C U R R E N T L Y:

Current nail color:

They’re light pink/nude gel nails right now! I got them done for my photoshoot and since I finally have broken the nail-biting habit, I figured I would treat ma’self.


Current favorite quote:

This one.

FullSizeRender 2Current phone wallpaper:

I feel like it really suits my life.

FullSizeRender 3

Current favorite TV show:

I don’t have cable or a TV, but Jarrett has Netflix so most nights I will watch it late at night because I have a hard time sleeping. I’ve gone through two series so far–Young & Hungry (loooove it), and Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23 (also looove it), and now I’m currently about 10 episodes deep into Drop Dead Diva and I love it! It’s different than the type of show I usually would watch, but I actually am really diggin’ it.

Current favorite food:

Junk bowls filled with ice cream, granola, cereals, sprinkles, whipped cream, cookies, and poptarts. I love my junk food.


Current bane of my existence:

My house is infested with bugs. Ants and spiders mostly. That spider? It was larger than a golf ball. Help me.


Current favorite human:

Okay, he’s always my favorite.


Current recovery update:

I’m still averaging at least 5000 calories a day, and usually more. Normally what I have to do is essentially melt a pint of ice cream and top it with peanut butter every night in order to get in an extra 1500 or so. So far, my body is just burning through calories like a mad man still. I just had my blood checked to check my thyroid again, so we shall see about that! I’m *TW* around 87 lbs right now, so my weight is essentially stable. I’m frustrated with the amount of food and stomach pain I’m enduring but am hoping that things will start moving here soon. Fingers crossed. I want dat booty.

Talk to me:

What’s your current:

Favorite food?

Favorite Netflix series or documentary?!



3 thoughts on “{c u r r e n t l y } ; august 2015

  1. Your nails look really smart! I’m still trying to get out of the biting habit so any tips would be brilliant!
    Current favourite quote: ‘Be yourself because everyone else is taken’ It is written on the wall in my gym but I only noticed it today and it definitely got me thinking…
    Food: Prawns… We’ve had them for lunch three times this week so far.
    I don’t have Netflix 😦


  2. OMG whenever I see a spider 1/10th that size I panic like a mad woman- I applaud your bravery!
    My current favorite food would definitely be sushi and brownies. Also the other day I tried plantain chips and I think I have fallen in love.
    Wishing you the best with your gaining <3.


  3. I just read your “I feel fake” post before I read this one…and you need to reread that quote above 🙂 Because it’s true <3<3


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