{Sweet} Recent Eats Wednesday 7.29.15

Hi humans!

Happy hump day! I had planned on releasing two posts earlier this week but got too busy with work, side jobs, and life. I have some really exciting opportunities coming up and I’m super excited about them–but I’m also possibly going to have to find a new home, someone to cover my lease and move all of my crap in the next two weeks. SO. There’s that. I’m really stressed at the moment but trying to just do what I gotta do.

I did post a video on YouTube if you wanna check that out–it’s a few tips on how to be happy when you’re feeling sad or in a depressive state. Sorry about the audio at the end there, I’m really pissed about that but it took so long to upload… so it’s just going to have to stay that way.

Enough with the word vomit–let’s see some of my recent eats this week! I decided to showcase all of my “sweet” foods this week in attempt to establish some sort of a theme or pattern. I don’t know. I’ll just be over here.


This was a pint of So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk “ice cream” topped with all kinds of goodies. Layered as I ate it. You know, the usual.


GAIN BOWL! Oikos greek yogurt, cottage cheese, Quest Salted Caramel protein, a cup of Mamma Chia granola, caramel sauce, whipped cream. FACEPLANT.


This was after I mixed it up and it wasn’t all beautiful anymore. BUT HEY BEAUTY COMES FROM WITHIN AND THIS WAS FREAKING DELICIOUS SO I SAY IT’S FREAKING BEAUTIFUL.


I’ve been supplementing with Ensures again, and I always like to have a bar to go along with them after just to get rid of the disgusting retirement home taste that Ensures have. Combat Crunch bars are a favorite for sure.


Same gain bowl recipe topped with some ice cream, granola, and French Toast Crunch.


And again, a gain bowl…


Maybe I should’ve made the theme for this “gain bowls.” This was a sample of the Quest Chocolate Milkshake Protein, and it was okay but I like the other flavors a lot more! Still haven’t tried the peanut butter flavor, but I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter so I probably won’t.


Close-up on my Hot Fudge Sundae Poptart that I ate with the aforementioned gain bowl. I love Poptarts dude. Easiest way to get in lots of carbs.


I don’t have Quest Bars much anymore but a few nights ago I was craving a S’mores one even though I hit over 5500 calories that day. I ate this and pretty much felt extremely sick afterward due to the amount of food consumed, but nevertheless it was BOMB. It was also my last S’mores one. So sad.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 2.35.04 PM

The new Dunkin’ Donuts just opened near me and you better believe I went. This picture is from my Instagram. I also got a Cookie Dough Latte…um, HOLY FREAKING AMAZING.

As I type this I’m actually at Starbucks drinking a Passion Tea Lemonade and eating one of their chocolate croissants BUT there are so many people here I won’t even attempt to sneak a picture. I’m so awkward.

Anyway, maybe next week I’ll showcase 7 of the same meals (my breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.) so you can see how I typically eat. I don’t really repeat meals that often because I’m seriously the least picky eater ever. Except cilantro. Get that out of here.

Also, I really need to work on my food photography skills but I almost don’t care because I LITERALLY am just trying to take a picture fast so that I can face-plant into my food. I’m not even kidding-once I make food I have to convince myself to snap a quick picture because I feel like the anticipation kills me if I can’t eat it right away. I’m normal, it’s fine.

FINALLY, I figured I would do a weekly weight update on Wednesdays and just have sort of all my food posts be in one go since it’s relevant and many of you are curious. I’m still only weighing myself once a week (Thursdays) so I will not know until then but last Thursday I was up a pound! It’s amazing the amount of food I had to consume just to equate to one pound. And for all I know, I could have to increase AGAIN this week but I actually don’t see how that would be possible at this point. Anyway, there’s the miniature weight update. I certainly feel and look “fluffier” but ya know what? I’m still very underweight and I realize that. Moving on.

I’m about to head to an Ashtanga yoga class and get my namaste on. PEACE AND BLESSINGS.



5 thoughts on “{Sweet} Recent Eats Wednesday 7.29.15

  1. The Ensure comment made me laugh! So true. It has a distinct smell as well. I have considered having a custom made T-shirt with the logo “Body by Ensure.” I hope to never have another one as long as I live. Here’s to life long recovery!


  2. Your gain bowls always look so amazing… every foodie’s dream! I am a huge combat crunch bar fan as well, I have never tasted a protein bar that has resembled a candy bar so well.
    Also, I find it strangely fascinating from a scientific standpoint about how much you have to eat in order to gain weight. You are by far the definition of someone with a ‘fast metabolism’, and even though so many people wish they had your problem, you probably don’t always see it as such a good thing since it leaves you with horrible stomach pains when you’re trying to gain.
    Do you personally like having a fast metabolism or does it just feel like a burden :)?


  3. So happy to see you going to yoga! I rely on yoga For my sanity!
    You are definitely working so hard!
    I would love to see your normal days meals (bkfst, lunch, dinner, snacks) all in one post. And I think the theme days are cool too! But very important to see what “main” meals are- so we’re not just thinking you eat gain bowls and supplements all day long (although I’m sure it probably feels like it to be able to accomplish your gain goals).
    Loving your posts!! Keep it up girl, you’re a star!


  4. I feel your pain. I had to eat that much FOR SUCH A LONG TIME. Instead of Ensure, you should try Scandishakes. They are delicious and pack in A LOT of calories. Anyway, I really admire how driven you are to recovering, and I like your videos a lot. 🙂


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