Hi humans!

Just popping in to say that I have the best boyfriend on the planet.

I am SO excited that today Jarrett bought me a brand stinkin’ new camera. It’s the Canon SX60 HS and I’m IN LOVE WITH IT. Prepare for some way better quality photos and videos. This camera is NICE and I can’t believe he just bought it for me on a whim today. He really wants to support my dreams and help me find “my happy” so he wanted to support my love of making videos today. I bought our Costa Vida for lunch…fair trade? LOL NO.

Also, I had to share something that he said to me today (assuming he doesn’t read this and kill me) because it made me melt. He’s not usually sentimental at all so when these moments happen I have to emboss them in my brain.

He got a call on his police radio that someone was crying on the side of the road. He drove over to check it out and talked to the man. He was only about 19, and he said that him and his girlfriend had just broken up after a few years.

Jarrett said, “Look–when I was 19 I had a girlfriend for four years. She broke up with me and I was upset. But I got another one and she was even better than the last. That didn’t last. Now, I have another one and she’s perfect.”

I KNOW IT’S SO SIMPLE BUT IT MADE ME SO HAPPY AND I JUST WANT TO SQUEEZE HIS FACE. But also like why does he say this stuff to other people and not to me? Whatevs.

Anyway! I don’t even know the point of this post other than to say I am very excited for our future together. We never fight. We always have fun. He knows I’m weird and gross and crazy and sassy and I know he is really weird and gross and lame. We go together perfectly and I’m so so SO lucky to have that guy in my life. I honestly believe I would be dead if it were not for him. He helped me more than anyone in the beginning stages of recovery and has loved me unconditionally like crazy. Trust me, I’m a lot to deal with.

Today we ran errands, ate food, did laundry, and went fishing. Tomorrow we’re going to Tahoe on our day off from work and we plan on renting bikes and just chillin’. I’m excited!

Okay, sorry if that post totally bored you and was irrelevant to literally everything on this blog. I just had to attempt to put into words how happy he makes me.



2 thoughts on “JARRETT IS THE BEST.

  1. That is the sweetest thing ever <3! Jarrett sounds like an awesome boyfriend and his comment to the boy was just perfect. Can't wait to see your new vlogs with your new camera!


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