{link love 7.26.15}

Hi humans!

It’s Sunday and what does that mean…?! LINK LOVE! Let’s just get right into it.

First, I want to share my link to an unboxing video I did with Influenster. They were kind enough to send me their Sunshine Voxbox and have me review it, so Jarrett and I did just that! The video can be found here.

Okay, on to the good stuff! Rather than breaking it up into 5,000 categories I just went with “Recovery” and “Other Goods” for simplicity.


Recovering in an Appearance Based World – Quirky Daily

“You are more than your body, your weight, or your appearance. Don’t let a full recovery slip by because of what you think you’ll look like afterwards.”

Tips for Staying Sedentary – Oatmeal & Optimism

“Just because she’s running doesn’t mean you should be too.”

Make the Change – Life Without Anorexia

“Even if you don’t feel ready, you need to take that first step.”

She Counted Every Calorie We Were Eating & Only I Knew Why – Mama Mia

“This means that at any given point in time, some percentage of the diet and fitness industry may be comprised of individuals who are practising [sic] eating disorder behaviour [sic] behind closed doors.”

The Long Reach of Weight Loss Compliments – Ed Bites

“The next time you reunite with a friend, don’t mention their weight. Compliment them on their eye shadow, their taste in music, the sparkle in their eyes, but zip it about weight. You never know if it could come back to haunt them.”


American Eagle Un-retouched Underwear Photos – UpWorthy

10 Home Decor Ideas – PopSugar

18 Writing Tips to Make You Better – Babble


Just Do What’s Going to Make You Happy

Two Vlogs

5 Things Friday

Thinking Out Loud

Weight Update & Recent Eats

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed. Kiss kiss, ciao ciao. Okay I hate myself.

Talk to me:

Did any of the recovery pieces really speak to you?

How messed up is that Jarrett put nail polish on Oscar in that unboxing video?! –> so messed up.



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