TOL: 7.23.15


It’s been a while since I’ve thought out loud. Well, on the blog, that is. I typically think out loud all of the time. Did I mention people usually think I am insane? Okay.


Linkin’ up with Amanda for today’s Thinking Out Loud!

1. Today is my mommy’s birthday! I highly doubt she is reading this because she is superwoman and does 9,000 things at a time, but if she is: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM. I have you to thank for my giant bug-eyes, blonde hair (gone black), slim figure, fascination with words, determination, hardworking attitude, quick wit, sense of humor, and unbearable sass. Also my love for popcorn, candy, and ice cream likely is from you. Thanks for making all of my high school friends be more attracted to you than me (not.) Thanks for shopping with me almost on the daily when I lived at home. Thanks for all the grilled cheeses and yummy dinners and quality time. Thanks for just being my best friend and the coolest mom alive.

IMG_1053 IMG_4466

2. I really love Opinion Outpost. I saw someone post about this and I thought it was total B.S. to be honest. However, once I signed up I started taking surveys and I just got a check in the mail for $182 doll hairs. Yep! It wasn’t even hard. I just took surveys while I listened to podcasts for work, or when I had a couple of spare seconds. I’ve tried Inbox Dollars and Swag Bucks and they totally were a waste of time. I’m pretty glad I found Opinion Outpost because I’ve made legit money from it and I can keep doing so for as a long as I choose. {Affiliate Link}

3. I’m loving Maddy Moon’s Mind Body Musings podcast. While listening to her latest one on orthorexia she mentioned that she had opened it up for pledges. I pledged 1 dollar per podcast because I support and love her podcasts so much. I encourage you all to do the same so that she can keep her podcast up and running! Even though I’m super tight on money right now and actually trying to earn some myself–I felt like I really needed to do this.

She’s so adorable!

4. School starts in about a month. I only have two real in-person classes and one super simple online class left BEFORE I GRADUATE COLLEGE. WUT?! I don’t know how that happened. Seriously. I still remember my first day of third grade. I wore really cool green capris and a giant bow in my hair. #Sweg

5. I’m going with the flow. I spent so long freaking out about what I will do with my life after graduation in December and turned down jobs that weren’t relevant to my journalism path. However, recently I decided to just go with the flow. I’m currently a sales agent at a resort and I give three 90-minute presentations a day where I try to sell timeshares to patrons. Did I ever think in a million years I would be doing this? No. Is it “journalism” ? No. But it is communication (my minor) and it is PEOPLE. All of these skills will help me and when the time is right I will find the right path for me in my field. For now, call me Mr. Saleswoman. Please don’t, actually. Just don’t. I will not respond.

6. I just responded to like, 85 emails. My inbox was full of emails from the past two weeks and I was neglecting them because when I respond to emails I RESPOND. I literally write novels back to you guys. I just so so SO badly want to help you all and do whatever I can to make you see that recovery is worth it. Anyway, my point being I just cleared out my inbox and then once the last email was sent I saw I had a new one. IT’S LIKE WHEN YOU DO LAUNDRY AND THEN PUT THE CLOTHES YOU WERE WEARING INTO THE HAMPER. The laundry is never done, you guys. If you’re wearing clothes the laundry is not done. This is why I sometimes choose to not wear clothes. #NotJoking

7. I’m procrastinating studying right now and need to go home. It’s about 5:00 and I came to the library at my school to study my 30 page script and listen to work CDs. I have two days off (Weds & Thurs) and then Friday I’m DONE with training and I get thrown into my first tour all by myself. Gotta be ready. Gotta sell some timeshares. How do I adult.

8. I’ve been vlogging. I’ve vlogged here and there for the past week but haven’t even looked at the clips and quite honestly I’ll probably just put ’em all together and say HERE YA GO. I don’t know. I feel like you guys won’t care. You just like to watch the train wreck that is my life.

Anyway, I’m headed home to cuddle my wiener and cook dinner.

Talk to me:

When do you go back to school? –>August 24 is my first class.

Which is worse: dishes or laundry? –> Laundry. I would rather listen to Taylor Swift for an hour than do it. I do not like Taylor Swift, you guys.



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