5 Things I Know For Sure About You

I’m pretty much clueless in most areas of life.

I second (and third) guess every single thing I do. Every decision is deeply considered and picked apart until I don’t even know what the original problem was and I’m left dealing with ten more.

Don’t get me wrong– I know I’m a fairly intelligent human. I get all A’s and sometimes I use big words correctly. My eyeliner skills are scary good. But I’m still clueless in most areas of life.

There are, however, a few things that I know for sure. About you. Yes, you. I’m about to do a little fortune telling.

1. You’re really cool. I’m serious–you’re freaking unique and amazing. I’m positive that if I was talking to you right now I could immediately distinguish one different and eccentric thing about you. There is literally no one that is just like you. I also know that you probably wish you were more like someone else or maybe even less like yourself. Don’t do that. People are wishing they had attributes that you possess, too. Just work it.

2. You have people that really love you. They love you because you are you. You are kind and you go out of your way to do nice things for them.There are at least a few who know everything about you–the good, the bad, the gross and the weird– and still love you. These people will love you no matter what you look like or how many times you fail at something. Remember that. Remember it when you don’t love yourself because you don’t feel pretty or you keep blowing job interviews or your jeans don’t button. No one else will stop loving you, and you shouldn’t, either.

3. Sometimes you feel like no one understands you. You have felt so very alone. You’ve felt like you are some sort of weird specimen that is different than everyone–you think differently, you want different things, you’re not like the rest of society… Don’t worry–we’re all feeling that way. It’s a shame that we can’t all put that out there instead of making the problem worse for everyone. Maybe you’re right–maybe no one does understand you. But some will come very close–find those people and share your soul with them.

4. You have people that don’t like you. For a variety of reasons, there are people that don’t like you. Maybe it’s because they believe false rumors about you. Maybe you pushed them down a slide in kindergarten and they still can’t get over it. Maybe they don’t like you because their best friend doesn’t like you. Maybe you made out with their boyfriend in a bathroom. Whatever the reason may be–forget those people. They don’t exist in the movie of your life. Be kind to them when they make an appearance, but never make them main characters. Don’t let their words or opinions hurt you. Stay true to yourself and know that you are not what others say you are unless you make it that way.

5. You don’t give yourself enough credit. We’re very trained not to glorify our accomplishments too much and to stay humble. Don’t get me wrong–humility is an amazing thing. It is extremely important to remain humble as a whole. Sometimes, though, you can let your accomplishments be buried in sand. You hide them because you don’t want to come off as braggadocios when in reality you should take pride in what you’ve done. Let others rejoice with you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you give yourself too much credit, too, but that’s another story entirely.

Well? Was I right? Did I just tell your fortune?

I hope so, ’cause that’d be embarrassing if I was way off.



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