Here’s Why Your Twenties Suck {As a Girl}

Contrary to popular belief, puberty and adolescence is not the most confusing, awkward, emotional, weird time of a girl’s life.

No, no, no. It’s your twenties, baby.

In your twenties you’re grappling with what you should do based on society’s expectations and what you really should do for your soul.

You’re trying to get in touch with yourself during a time when you are changing the most, and you are the most difficult human to get in touch with. Seriously, what’s wrong with you?

You’re not quite a grown-up but you want to be. But you also want to be nine again. Basically, you want to be anything other than a confused, depressed, anxious twenty-something.

You’re figuring out the rest of your life based on the schooling you just had for four years. You’re realizing that maybe what you wanted to do isn’t exactly what you want now, and OH MY GOSH WHAT DID I EVEN JUST GO TO SCHOOL FOR? Is it too late to be a judge on the Food Network?

You’re grappling with having #bodylove but also hating everything about your appearance. How many selfies can I take before I actually morph into a different looking human? 

You’re struggling with not wanting to wear pants but having to get presentable for work. Why is makeup so expensive? And why am I waking up so early to damage my hair?

You’re either looking for love but convinced that you’re going to be forever alone, or you’re deeply in love counting down the seconds until he proposes. Maybe you’re even still in the phase where you see a new male body part every night. It’s cool, you’ll get there, sista.

You’re torn between what your next move is…every day. Do I move back to my hometown? No, I can’t do that. I can’t be that person. Do I pack up and move across the country and figure it out when I get there? Maybe I’ll just stay here. Maybe I’ll just light myself on fire.

You care a lot but you also could not care less. You care about how people perceive you but don’t really care what they think about you in the moment. Or do you? I don’t think we even know.

You’re looking back at your high school days laughing at how the biggest struggle you had was your parents. You wish you could go back and accept all those offers to spend time with them NOW, but it’s too late because your miles away and they like their nest empty, anyway. Bye, Bye, Birdie.

You’re overspending and overeating to fill voids. You’re undersleeping and undereating to feel something. You’re trying so hard to find balance. yet in that monotonous quest you are literally the least balanced being on the face of the earth.

You’re coming to terms with the fact that life sucks but also can be really great. You’re anticipating the future but completely unsure of how to get there. The world is your oyster but you kind of just want to curl up in a blanket burrito and eat guacamole by the spoonful. Just me? Oh.

You’re wishing, wishing, wishing and stressing, stressing stressing…

You’re a party animal and you’re a homebody. It’s a new species, and it’s reproducing QUICKLY. The home-party-body. 

You’re wishing that you could have everything figured out, but sort of knowing that no one has it all figured out. You’re not ready to accept that yet, though. You’ll figure it all out, and your bra and underwear will match while doing that.

You’re shopping at Forever 21 and wondering if you’ll have to stop shopping there when you turn 22. Or can you keep shopping there until you’re 29? Asking for a friend.

You’re crying a lot, but laughing a lot, and calling your mom for advice a lot, and WHY DO I STILL NOT KNOW HOW TO DO LAUNDRY THE RIGHT WAY?! I keep turning human clothes into American Girl clothes.

You’re confused. You’re so freaking confused and you think you’re the only one that doesn’t have it figured out. Everyone looks so happy. So free. So careless.

But we’re all feeling this way, and we’re all scared and unsure and feeling inadequate. And we should talk about it more.

Your twenties are probably the most awful and magical time of your life. Don’t get so caught up in the awful that you don’t experience enough of the magical, because a day will soon come when you turn 30, and I have a feeling things won’t automatically get easier. Plus, you probably can’t shop at Forever 21 anymore and that’s going to suck.



8 thoughts on “Here’s Why Your Twenties Suck {As a Girl}

  1. Currently sitting in my car eating Dairy Queen alone and reading this and girl this is spot on! There are so many difficult decisions to be made and I don’t feel qualified to be making them! I mean I’m pretty sure I’m still 9, no? Wait I’m 22? Damn…


  2. This was lovely- although I am only 17, I started college three years before everyone else and can resonate with a great number of the things you listed. Basically- life is hard. But we have to make the most with what we have <3.


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