Link Love 6.30.15

Hi humans!

Back on the blog today is a little link love. I know I said I was done with recovery-posts, but I already had some of these links saved and ready to share so I will definitely do so! I won’t provide any commentary for the ED posts, but just know that I think they’re great reads.


Eating Disorders/Health

Early Signs of an Eating Disorder in the Making – Life Without Anorexia

It’s Called Extreme Hunger For a Reason – Stumble on Serendipity

Why “Clean Eating” is a Myth – Evidence Mag

Enough Whole Food Hating – Clean Eats, Fast Feets (ironic name because of the previous link #lawl)

5 Nutrition “Facts” Debunked – Fit Woman

Interesting Readz

What Your Birth Month Says About Your Health – YourTango

Umm, okay. So as a September baby, I’m feeling kind of attacked.

18 Things Love Skeptics Understand – Thought Catalog

Hahaha, yep. This was me for the first year of my relationship with Jarrett. Now I’ve embraced the fact I’m tied down like a hog.

55 Questions… – Thought Catalog

Yeah, I think I know all of these. I bet Jarrett knows about 9%.


Caramalized Onion Gouda Mac N Cheese – Will Cook For Smiles

Oh. My. Gosh.

Chocolate Toffee Cookies – Recipe Girl

These look so crinkly and amazing.

White Chocolate Churro Crunch – Picky Palate

There are no words. Easy and delicious. Yes. Yes. Yes.

My Links

Buy My Clothes!

Go Fund Me (PLZ)

Live Your Own Life.

That’s all for this week! As always, have a lovely day humans.

Talk to me:

What is in your fate according to the birth month article?

Do you like onions? I’m obsessed.



4 thoughts on “Link Love 6.30.15

  1. I’m a september girl as well and its like all the months have nothing then BAM! September babies are screwed, lol. I loved all of your links this week! Hope you’re doing okay.


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