Hi humans!

It’s time for an update. For whatever reason some of you actually like to hear about my weird life, so I’ll just go ahead and go with it ALTHOUGH I’M NOT SURE WHY.

Anyway, being as it is Saturday evening (hey just being honest) right now, by the time this post is up I will have already had a pretty big moment.

On Monday morning I go in to Channel 4 here in Reno and find out if I will be given the job as FULL TIME NEWS PRODUCER. Yep. Real big boy job. From 2 pm-midnight every day. I would be producing the 11 o’clock news show.

This job doesn’t normally go to little babies like me. Little twenty year-old babies that look twelve and don’t have as much experience as someone who has already been a news director or anchor.

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t do this job. I’m so confident that I can do this job. I’ve been preparing my entire life– specifically, the past 3 years–for this job.

If I get this job I will feel so much better about where I’m headed. I’ve been worried about my future, my plans after graduation in December, and debating what I really want to do with my life. I’ve been doubting my skills and experience so damn much.

I’ve debated moving to LA every single day because there are a lot of opportunities there, and I like it a lot more down there as far as the environment goes. Since I applied for this producer job I have been telling myself that if I don’t get it, I’m going to move away from Reno after graduation. It may not seem like a big deal, but the only thing I really love and care about in life is in Reno…so you can see how it is kind of a big deal.

Once I got called yesterday by Senior News Director and I was told that they’re actually interested in me and impressed with my resume–I screamed. I’m so anxious for Monday and am wishing that time would go by a little faster so that I can get there.

I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I feel so confident about this. I can finally quit all of my stupid part-time, low-wage jobs…no more lifeguarding. No more freelancing. No more wondering how I’m going to pay for gas. This is a good, high-paying job and I can only go up from here. I desire to be on camera, but I’ve always known that I wanted to produce before all of that so that I can get behind-the-scenes experience.

Anyway, being as it’s now Tuesday when you read this I suppose I may or may not know the results! I will have already gone to the station, though.

Other random updates:

-Tomorrow I have church with Jarrett and then work. Yay, lifeguarding! She said sarcastically.

-Oscar has some sort of fungus and all his hair is falling off in patches. It’s literally the saddest thing ever. His meds make him super sleepy and stumbly, so he looks like a little drunk weiner.

-My weight is STILL stable at like 90-92 pounds despite me eating more than ever before.

-I’m really excited to start filming a new series for my Youtube. 🙂

-The limited edition bagels/Ben and Jerry’s get me more excited than most things in life.

-I’m super hungry, so I’m going to go make dinner. YAY FOOD!

Talk to me:

-What are you lookin’ forward to this week?

-Do you think I am capable enough to write everything that the people on the news say and put together every show? Wow. Maybe don’t answer that.



5 thoughts on “TUEZDAY UPDATE.

  1. Aaaah I’m pretty excited for you because I can totally relate! I will graduate next spring and I also doubt a lot… I don’t have a lot of experience but in August I will hopefully get some experience at a huuuuge company here by doing an intership! And really, just being so close to the job is a success, remember that! But I keep my finger crossed and can’t wait to hear if you got the job.


  2. SO SO SO excited for you! I would so incredibly nervous to be on live, but I am absolutely positive you will nail it. How do you prepare for something like this? You have so much going on for you right now Annie… my life literally seems like a pile of nothingness compared to everything you do :P.


  3. I’m so so proud of you and can’t wait to hear the results! (I guess you already know them now haha) Also, I hope Oscar gets better soon. Having a sick puppy is rough 😦 Give him a hug for me!


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