Link Love 6.14.15

Hi humans!

I’m sorry, how the heck is it already MID JUNE? I know I always am surprised that time does the thing that it is supposed to, but honestly this weirds me out.

The past two days have been strictly videos, and I have another coming out tomorrow so I figured I needed to get back to routine and do some link love today. YAY FOR LINKS! AND LOVE! AND LINK LOVE. Also ice cream. And puppies.


What Not to Say to an Woman With Anorexia – Samantha Escobar

I’ve seen a lot of these posts before, but this one has some that most don’t. I quite like it.

Reframing Our Thoughts – Bagels to Broccoli

I love this! Changing the way you think is so crucial. I firmly believe everything in this article.


Blogging Mistakes – Daniela Uslan

I thought it was super cute how she gave these 5 problems “monster” identities and tells you how to “slay” these monsters. Definitely recommend this for anyone getting into blogging.

10 Words You’ve Been Misusing – Hello Giggles

YES. Pet peeves to the max. I always hear or see people misusing these words and it takes every inch of me not to throat punch them.



Just a few links today because I was busy this week and didn’t have much time to catch up on my favorite blogs! I hope you enjoyed and learned something today. 🙂

Talk to me:

What is a word or phrase that people often misuse that GRINDS YOUR GEARS?!



5 thoughts on “Link Love 6.14.15

  1. Fantastic links, as always.
    A word that people misuse which bothers me to no end is “irregardless.” Seriously? Just say “regardless.” It means the same thing AND it’s an actual word — unlike “irregardless” — so it’s a win-win.


  2. I don’t mind when people misuse words in speech, but I am a grammar nerd so misusing there, they’re and their annoys me. Also accept and except. Oh, and effect and affect.


  3. Wow the blogging mistake one is exactly what I needed! Since starting a new blog I am still quite a newbie when it comes to these things, and the way the article was written was quite whimsical yet helpful at the same time! Hope you have a great week :).


  4. I am trying to start a blog/vlog. Can you give me any tips on how to get started. I follow you and think you are awesome. You make me laugh and I’m so happy you’re healthy. I’m thinking a blog/vlog will help me as well as others. Any advice you have would be appreciated! Thank you 😊


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