TOL 6.11.15

Hi humans!

Today is Thursday, which means it’s time for me to release my word vomit all over you and Think Out Loud with Amanda!

Let’s just get right into it because I have a lot of stupid insightful thoughts per usual.


1. Today is the 11th, and that means that it’s another month for Jarrett and I. I think today would be 16 months…yep, that sounds right. I’m writing this on Tuesday night so I’m not 100% sure but I think we will be in Tahoe today since neither of us work and WE NEED A LITTLE LIFE BREAK. Also, he’s now officially a police officer. 🙂 On his own. Booyah. If anyone wants to get me this shirt I would not oppose.

2. Before I was ever really in love I always thought, “Nope, no matter how in love with someone I am I probably never will be able to share ALL my insecurities and secrets with them.” I even used to think I would pull an Annie from Bridesmaids and put on makeup before my husband woke up. HA!!

Well, now that I’ve been with Jarrett so long I realized I was 12,000% wrong. I literally tell him every time I poop (which is a lot), and I do gross, weird, horrible things around him that I wouldn’t do around anyone else. He knows everything about me, every thought in my brain, every inch of my bodily insecurities…and he still loves me!

“That weird black hair that I have on my cheek grew back again wanna pluck it?”

…Needless to say, I had better stay with him forever because if he hasn’t left yet I think I’m okay.

3. I just found out that putting Sriracha on tuna salad is amazing. Tuna + mayo + cheese + Sriracha = AMAZING. I don’t know why I never thought to do it before, because I’m obsessed with Sriracha. Seriously, try it NOW.

4. I’ve also been baking cookies every night and eating the entire batch along with my gain bowl. I make Kim Hoeltje’s recipe but double it and use my own various protein. I didn’t want to like this recipe because I am all for the real deal and not “healthified” versions of desserts since I’m gaining weight…but gosh, these are good. Plus, I double the recipe and eat it…no shame.

5. I currently have s’mores cookie dough chilling in the fridge and am anxiously awaiting my oven to be preheated to make said cookies and eat them all. NO SHAME.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.03.04 PM

This photo was after I had already eaten half last night…IT MAKES SO MANY COOKIES! (24 because I doubled it) I made cake batter cookies, and my gain bowl is hangin’ out in the back. (Greek yogurt + cottage cheese + Quest Vanilla Milkshake protein)

6. This week I was able to up my weight in just about every exercise. It’s amazing what lots of food will do for ya. I like the way my muscles are visible but still wish I could just enlarge my entire body while keeping the tone. Make sense? I don’t know. I want to grow! Grrr.

7. I haven’t actually worked on my book since last weekend because every time I start I get so overwhelmed, or I’m not in the mood to think about recovery, etc. I anticipate it will need to just be done all in one night on a night that I’m feeling overly motivated. We shall see. Books are stressful.

8. My pinched nerve is still bugging me, and it’s literally the bane of my existence right now. I can’t swim so I probably won’t be able to start work once the pool opens on Friday. I had to sit out today at orientation (I mean, I wasn’t complaining…I don’t actually like being in cold water…) but I don’t know. I’m trying to find another job to replace it, and I just applied to a news station today. It’s a full time, 2 p.m. to 12 a.m. position, so it would basically take over my life if I got it. I’m still iffy about what I want to do with my life but maybe I’ll realize that broadcast journalism really is my passion so why not try it out. Also, I probably should’ve separated this into two thoughts. Oh wellz.


10. My hair and nails grow entirely too fast now. I have had to dye my hair every three weeks, and it’s kind of annoying. Such a bittersweet situation.

That’s all the thinking out loud I have for ya today! 

Talk to me:

If you’re in a relationship, what’s the grossest thing you’ve done in front of your S.O.?

Real scientific question: Which is longer–an “oven-preheating” minute or a “I-can’t-fall-asleep-and-I-have-to-be-awake-in-two-hours” minute? —> think long & hard.



5 thoughts on “TOL 6.11.15

  1. Ahahaha love your relationship convos, so deep and honest ;). Congrats on your gym progress! Carbs are definitely your best friend when it comes to weight lifting, I know you can achieve all that you set your mind to! And if you ever do write a book I would love love love to take a look at it or just know about it in general. I know you would have a lot of insightful things to say.


  2. There is a Sriracha isle in my grocery store! I am not the biggest fan because I don’t like too much spice. I find that spicy food takes over my tongue and then I cannot taste anything 😦
    I hate the “I have to be awake in two hours” minute because I love sleep and get anxiety if I don’t get enough. By the time I’ve thought of all the ways to catch up on sleep, I have to get up anyway lol


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