WIAW: Comfort Foods for Nausea

Hi humans!

It’s Wednesday again, which means…another edition of What I ate Wednesday! I did this last week and the post got about 7,000 more views than my other posts, so I figured it’s a keeper. 🙂

As you know I’ve been dealing with a really dumb pinched nerve in my neck, and I’ve been on painkillers and muscle relaxers for a few days. Well, on Sunday I was particularly loopy, nauseous and not feeling so hot. I definitely was not in the mood to eat at all, but I obviously did! I figured I would share Sunday’s eats because I was choosing different comfort foods that I felt like I would be able to keep down rather than focusing on any type of nutritional value. (Maybe being injured is good for my psyche..dang it.)

For breakfast before church, I went with a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter. Bread tends to be easy on my tummy. I also had some cranberry juice, because I was craving juice and that was all I had in my fridge.

About an hour after that, Jarrett texted asking what I wanted from Starbucks. (We have this thing where he brings me coffee before church on Sundays. Not complaining.) So, I also had a coffee with mocha syrup! Didn’t get a picture, but ya know. It looks like coffee.

By lunch time I was not hungry whatsoever. I felt nauseous, lethargic and bloated from my meds. Regardless, I made myself a lunch, which was…

A can of chunky chicken noodle soup…(which I added more chicken to)

Garlic Saltines (like, almost the entire package.)

Whole bag of greek yogurt covered pretzels. Because YUM.

Normally, I would have an afternoon snack but I was actually napping for a few hours, so I just woke up and decided to get dinner. I also normally eat food that I have at home prepped (chicken, quinoa, sweet potato, etc.) but none of that was sounding good to my upset tummy so I decided to check out Raley’s and see if they had anything appetizing in the deli.

As a little kid, I LOVED going to Raley’s with my mom and getting their mac ‘n cheese. I’m not even a huge mac ‘n cheese fan, but I remember that this stuff was good. I got it again even though it sort of freaked me out (OMG SO MANY CARBZ) (jk carbs don’t scare me anymore)….it was pretty good, but tasted different than I remember. Yes, I salt and pepper my mac ‘n cheese. On the side I had some cucumber and chickpea salad and a cup of tomato soup. I was feeling random. The vinegar on the salad was a little much for my stomach, but I kept it all down.

Now, normally I have gain bowls just about every night. (DUH) #gainbowlqueen Tonight, I didn’t want to chance it with all the dairy that goes into a gain bowl. Again, I still had zero appetite. I decided that Poptarts were easy on the stomach and calorically dense, so I had a pack of those and 2 servings of vanilla ice cream to end my night.

Oh, and I also had some chocolate chips with peanut butter to get in some calories. (I usually do this every night)

I didn’t eat as much as I would on a normal day this past Sunday, but that’s okay. I pushed myself way past uncomfortable because I was feeling sick and nauseous. A normal individual wouldn’t have eaten as much as I did if they were feeling like I did, so I’m proud of myself for eating despite a lack of appetite and being bloated. (Muscle relaxers always have bloated me–not sure why.)

Anyway, let me know if you enjoy these posts! I’m pretty sure as bloggers and blog readers we all enjoy seeing what everyone else is eating. I mean, at least I do! It interests me. Okay, that’s all for today!

Talk to me:

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week?

Favorite Pop Tart flavor? –>My favorite is still chocolate chip cookie dough, but sadly I was out so I had to open my box of Strawberry. Not so much a fan of those.



4 thoughts on “WIAW: Comfort Foods for Nausea

  1. I hope you’re feeling better today, my dear!
    I think it’s awesome that you still made an effort to feed yourself, even though you weren’t feeling super fab.
    By the way, I love your WIAW posts, so please keep doing them!
    All right, to answer your questions: my favorite flavor of PopTarts is Brown Sugar Cinnamon 😛 NOM
    And the best thing I’ve eaten this week was probably a pint of Haagen Dazs Banana Chocolate Chip gelato (O.o) It upset my stomach, but it was so worth it.
    Ice cream/gelato/sorbet/sherbet is always worth it.


  2. I love the cinnamon Poptarts but I only eat them if they are toasted. I don’t really like plain poptarts. The best thing I ate this week were these new corn chips from my local grocery store. The company that makes them was on Shark Tank and they were DELICIOUS! Buying local and a happy tummy is a win-win!


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