Link Love // 5.29.15


Guess what day it is? Friday. That means links. And love. And link love. Mostly the latter.


Mental Illnesses Aren’t Adjectives – Huffington Post.

I love this article. It doesn’t touch much on eating disorders but as someone who struggles with a mental illness it is so important for me that the general public read this.

10 Ways to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing – Adios Barbie

Prioritize your mental health! I would argue that is more important than physical health–not in extreme cases, obviously, but for a generally healthy person I think it is way more important to be sane than shredded. These are some great ideas to give yourself the love and break you deserve. 

How to Get Over a Really Shit Day in 7 Steps – Jessica Says

“Bad days can be ugly; the important thing is to do the work and lay them to rest, so as not to continue to be plagued by them.”

Blogging Differently – My Healthyish Life

I feel like I wrote this myself. As a 20 year-old student blogger, as well, I feel this article SO HARD. It basically sums up my life and feelings toward the matter perfectly. Thanks to Emily for this post, because now I don’t have to write it. 🙂

Only four links today, because I love them all a bit more than usual and don’t want to overwhelm you! I’ll be back next week with more links that I love to share with you all–don’t worry. I know you were worrying.

Talk to me:

What do you do to give yourself a mental break or try to fix a bad day? –> ice cream



2 thoughts on “Link Love // 5.29.15

  1. The third link (the one about getting over shit days) helped immensely. Thank you for that.
    Answer to your question: to give myself a mental break and/or fix a bad day, I’ll do something that makes me feel good, whether that’s getting in a quick workout, reading an entertaining book, stuffing my face with food, or taking a nap.


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