TOL: 5.28.15


HAPPY THURSDAY! Last Thursday I said I was going to change the name of these posts, but I decided I’m too scared of change. Thinking Out Loud Thursdays are too fun.


1. Can we just talk about the fact that it’s almost June? Not only is that weird because I feel like it was just Christmas, but it’s weird because I began recovering on January 12 and that means it’s almost been SIX MONTHS. Wow. Just wow.

2. I’m intolerant to something I’m eating. A few times now, I’ve gotten EXTREMELY bloated and been in pain all night and the whole next day due to something I ate the night before. A couple nights ago the pain was even in my lower back–to the point I was literally crying. I’m not quite sure what’s going on but I really hope I figure it out soon. I’m really hoping it’s not gluten. It really could be though, and that makes me sad. Because bagels. And everything else that is good in life.

3. The mini frappuccinos at Starbucks are not big enough. I down that in one gulp. Who do you think you are, Starbucks? I’d rather pay 25 cents more for a human-sized beverage.

4. It’s FINALLY hot in Reno. Finally, I can lay out on my roof and get some sun. Finally, I can stop having to drive and walk in rain all of the time and clean my house every time Oscar comes in from outside. FINALLY I CAN HAVE A HAPPY SUNNY MOOD!

5. Not tracking macros is awesome. I don’t have to give eating something a second thought or spend an hour at night planning my food for the next day. I literally can’t explain how nice it is. Body knows best. Numbers do not.

6. Speaking of numbers, my weight is still stable. How is it that whether I eat 1000 calories (I don’t, but I used to) or 8,000 calories my weight stays the same? My body is a weird thing, man. 

7. I’ve enjoyed having a couple weeks free from working a lot because I’ve gotten to catch up with some old friends! It’s so much fun and so nice to hang out with my old bros again. Yes, bros. Literally all of my friends besides like three are dudes.

8. GO BUY MY SHIRT! Get it as a gift for someone in your life, get it for yourself, get it because you love me and you want to support my giveaway and NEDA! 🙂

That’s all the thinkin’ out loud for today. If I think out loud any longer, you’ll start to wonder what goes on in my brain. You’re probably already wondering that. I’ll stop talking now.

Talk to me:

What’s your favorite frappuccino flavor? I got the new s’mores one. Yum.

WHY HAVEN’T YOU GOT MY SHIRT YET? She asked calmly. 



7 thoughts on “TOL: 5.28.15

  1. Hooray for warm weather and clean wiener dogs!
    To respond to your question, my favorite frappuccino flavor is probably Java Chip. I love the texture of the coffee-flavored candies, mixed into the creamy goodness that is a frappuccino. Starbucks knows the way to my heart.
    I will have to try the S’mores flavor next!
    Oh, and don’t worry; I already bought one of your shirts, so CALM DOWN. Jeeeez.


  2. i’m sorry you’re having intolerances to something. believe me i can relate. i unfortunately cannot tolerate gluten or dairy because i have ulcerative colitis. this has been super difficult being in recovery, where obvs the goal is having no food be “off limits”….and then that wrench has been thrown in my path. but honestly, avoiding certain foods so that i’m not in pain has been really great and has taken the discomfort out of eating. what helped me was to keep track of everything i was eating, along with the “symptoms” that accompanied it afterwards. after a week or so, you can look over it and look for patterns to see if there’s a particular food that’s causing the discomfort. hang in there love. you’re doing amazing.


  3. I never know about frappachinos myself. I can’t decide if I dislike them or if my tummy dislikes the milk! Also, big up you for being in recovery since 12th January! I think thats a bigger achievement than you realise it is… bloody amazing!!
    Also sorry to hear you’re having tummy issues. I thought I had the same problem with gluten recently (major pain. and clothes that were falling off hours before did not fit at all. horrid), but after a trip to the doctors they tested me for it (a LOT of people are very quick to assume they are allergic to dairy/gluten/etc – thanks bullshit ‘health-food blogs’ that know nothing..), and my doctor told me that its EXTREMELY rare in reality but lots of people are dangerously avoiding gluten – which can be very bad for you if you’re not actually bona-fide gluten intolerant. I was actually prescribed some pills for IBS (tmi) and they’re working wonders – but the doc also suggested peppermint oil, pills and tea so I’d advise giving that a whirl when you’re feeling super bloated too 🙂 xxx


  4. I love your TOL 😀 I’m sorry to hear your having bloating/pain/bad symptoms! Who needs additional struggle on top of recovery?! Keeping a log of what foods may be triggering it is a good idea. However, I would just mention that it could be a temporary intolerance because your body is having to get used to processing so many new foods that it hasn’t had in so long. Thus, you may actually ‘restricting’ unnecessarily if you cut any foods out – it may be better to let the discomfort happen and wait for it to pass. BUT I am definitely no doctor…Just food for thought (pun intended).

    I couldn’t agree more about your first point!! JUNE WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?! I started kind-of recovery in January too… 6 whole months. Geeze,

    Best wishes and I hope things continue to progress onwards and upwards:) xoxo


  5. Isn’t the calorie thing crazy? I remember being SO freaked out if I even went 10 or 20 calories above my daily “limit” because I thought it would make me balloon up, but when it actually comes down to it, gaining weight isn’t all that easy. Congrats on 6 months in recovery, girl 🙂 So much awesomeness comes with getting healthier.


  6. Ugh you can go away with you fraps ): they don’t even exist where I live. And I can’t believe it’s almost June… That means I turn 20 next week….. omg. And my body is the same, my weight always stays really stable, which would think you would mean I wouldn’t constantly live in fear of eating too much, right? Unfortunately not so ):


  7. I work at a coffee shop, so I haven’t had a reason to get a Frappuccino in a looooong time. However, we do make specialty drinks and I love an iced chai with blackberry syrup. It’s divine on hot days!


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