Link Love 5.22.15 – Everything in Moderation

Hi Humans!

YAY, IT’S FRIDAY! It’s also my summer, so that really means nothing to me. #noschoolever

It’s time for some Friday Link Love!

Normally I set these up by category but this week all of my loved links are related to food, fitness, and the like.

Negative Relationships with Food- The Balanced Foodie

This post is so great. It’s short and sweet, but speaks volumes

8 “Healthy” Things I’m Not Going To Do Anymore- Mind Body Green

“When will we stop looking to the latest YouTube or Instagram celebrity and start following the best expert of all? YOU.”

5 Body Love Ianguages- Everyday Feminism

Give your body the love it deserves!

Burning Off the Cookies- Your Trainer Page

Don’t exercise to burn off your food. Food calories don’t equate with exercise. MODERATION.

I Eat Processed Foods (And I’m Okay with That)- Better with Sprinkles

Food is just food.

Hunger: It’s Okay– Bagels to Broccoli

I agree with this so much. During my eating disorder, and even now, admittedly–being hungry creates a false sense of control and power. It’s OKAY to eat when you’re hungry. In fact, it’s kind of necessary. Would you hold your pee when your bladder is full? Would you stay awake for 8 nights when you’re dead tired? No! So eat when you are hungry.

Those are all my links for today! I like how all of these articles tie together in one way or another–I think they all speak to the fact that moderation is key and deprivation is our worst enemy. I hope you learned something from one of these!

Talk to me:

What food “rules” do you have that you know are absurd, yet you still tend to follow them?

What body love language works best for you? I like #3 & #5 — I can’t seem to get down with #1 for some reason. Hence why therapy is not my forté.



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