TOL 5.21.15 : No Pants Ever

Hi humans!

Happy Thursday to you all. I know people always say Happy Monday or Happy Hump Day or Happy Friday but where is the love for Thursday? Maybe I’ll change my Thursday posts to be called “Happy Thursdays” … thoughts?

It’s time for some Thinking Out Loud!


1. It’s now been about a week and a half since starting IIFYM! I planned on weighing myself weekly to see how my progress was coming, and after this first week I expected a huge amount of weight gain (mainly water) due to the fact that I nearly tripled my carbs up to 300. Well, oddly enough I maintained my weight exactly. (TW; numbers) I was 92.2 when I weighed myself this morning and that is exactly what I was prior to IIFYM. In fact, I think the day after my “binge” I was 93 so if we include that I actually lost a tiny bit. I’m confused because I’m now eating more than ever, and mainly carbs, yet my body has yet to catch up. I assume it will take a bit for the weight gain to come and have been assured this by my nutritionist, as well. For now, I’m sticking to eating all the carbs! I may find that higher fats work better for weight gain, although in the past I have ate upwards of 150 g fats and gained nothing. We shall see!

2. I HATE WORDPRESS. I obviously own the domain that I have now, but it’s through WordPress. I can’t do anything with it besides Word Ads. The minimum amount of money you have to make with Word Ads in order to be paid is 100 dollars, and I currently have 99. Needless to say, after next month’s stats come in I will be switching to my own self-hosted blog. I anticipate this will be stressful because I have so much content to transfer over. Ugh. Oh well!

Thoughts on the best self-hosted sites? I’ve thought about Host Gator or Bluehost.

3. I’m currently at Starbucks, and this is now the third day in a row that they made me the wrong drink. WTF STARBUCKS?!

4. GO CHECK OUT THE SHIRT I AM SELLING! The profits are going to a good cause–50% to NEDA and the other half is going toward my giveaway which will begin on June 6. I can only do the giveaway if I sell 50 shirts and currently I think I’m at six…come on guys. This shirt is dope.

5. Now that both of my roommates (and their dog) (thank goodness) are both gone for the summer I’ve been doing a whole lot of talking to myself and not a whole lot of wearing pants. Life is good. I can finally vlog and make videos from the comfort of my home rather than my stupid car.

I need to get this tank top. Right now.

6. I WANT TO MEET YOU! If any of you live in the Reno area, or even Northern California, I would love to one day meet up with you! Only if you’re not a murderer. If you are, in fact a murderer, maybe don’t reach out. Please.

That’s all the thinkin’ out loud I have in me for today! Next Thursday I’ll try out the “Happy Thursdays” title and see how I feel about it. I’m not good with change, guys.

Talk to me:

Where are you from? 

Do you walk around your house without pants on, too? Please say yes. Please validate my life choices.



9 thoughts on “TOL 5.21.15 : No Pants Ever

  1. Another awesome post. I always love to read your bloggies. (:
    To answer your questions, I’m from a city slightly south of Denver called Lone Tree. And OMG YES, I walk pantless around my house all of the time, especially after showering, because I take really hot showers and I need to cool off afterwards. (Sorry if that was TMI!)
    Oh, also, I just bought one of your super-duper-cute “Booty Over Bones” T-shirts. I can’t wait to get it!
    Hope you have a wonderful Thursday. (I agree that Thursday deserves more credit; it’s one of my favorite times of the week. I’m not sure why, but it just is.)


  2. oh my gosh i love that tank too! haha and ughhh wordpress :/ I know absolutely sucks. I switched my other blog over to blogger, and it wasn’t much better. Gonna look into self hosting as well. love ya babe! stay strong, warrior!


  3. Well I am from Australia so there goes any chance of seeing you aha!
    Good luck trying to go self hosted, I want to do it myself too but I’m scared ): sucks that you didn’t gain this week, but don’t let this deter you! Just keep swimming!


  4. I live in Upstate NY so no dice on the meet up. I am definitely #TeamNoPants but not on team IIFYM. Not my style of eating.


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