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Not only do I love blogging, but I also truly love reading others’ blogs and understanding how other people think, act, and feel. I think reading personal blogs really helps me have an open mind and be open to others’ opinions and beliefs. I like to believe that I am a very nonjudgmental and accepting person, and I KNOW that a lot of that is due to how much I essentially study the lives of others. (It sounds creepy, but it’s not I swear. Okay, maybe a little.)

I’m not the blogger that comments on everyone’s posts in effort to get more views and traffic to my own site. In fact, in my almost year of having this little blog I probably have left 5 or 6 comments. I only comment when I truly feel the need to respond to someone or touch on something that they mentioned. Maybe that’s a fatal flaw, but I would rather read and understand a person’s blog than scroll to the end and type, “Nice!”

Okay, ramble over! I’ll shut up and share with you some links that I really love from the past week.

link love

Weight and Eating Disorders

Ten truths about eating disorders. This is a super short post, but it’s so powerful. It addresses ten myths surrounding eating disorders, and I think it is a great article for those struggling or those who know someone struggling with an eating disorder. I think if the public knew these facts, the stigma of eating disorders would be greatly changed.

Are weight-based comments appropriate or damaging? Well, if anyone were to ask me this I would scream DAMAGING right in their face. No matter what the comment is, be it seemingly positive or negative–NEVER comment on someone’s weight! You don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. You may compliment someone on their new slimmer figure with the best of intentions, but that person could have severely restricted their food and compulsively exercised to get there. The compliment only tells them that what they’re doing is right, and that they are worth more when they are thinner. They could be struggling with increasing their calories and that comment alone could be the thing to have them resort back to their restriction. Long story short–think before you speak.

When did disordered become so ordinary? I’ve actually done a few posts about this before, and talked a lot about it in my videos. It’s so hard to recover from an eating disorder in a world that has an eating disorder. Where it’s normal to restrict your food and eat low calorie low fat, essentially-ingesting-air-and-chemicals, and exercise like a mad man. Where it’s fine to skip meals, ignore hunger, not eat past 7 o’clock, etc. It’s hard, I tell ya.

Let kids eat their oreos. This article made me laugh because my dad literally used to give me two Oreos in my lunch every single day from the time I was in kindergarten until I was a senior in high school. I turned out fine. Well, you know. Maybe I’m not the best example. Anyway–I love this. I can’t believe the letter suggests that peanut butter is unhealthy and not allowed?! What the heck. Die. Nut butter is life.

Why the RDA for calories is bullsh**. I love this. I remember as a kid looking at the nutrition labels and not really knowing what the heck they meant, but always seeing that “2,000 calorie daily allowance” note on the bottom and all the percentages that corresponded to that number. I love when I go to eat a Poptart and the label suggests that 50% of my carbs for the day are down the toilet if I eat two. Umm, no. Try like, 11%. Anyway, this is a good read. So like, read it.

Fun Stuff

47 Books Every College Grad Needs to Read Okay, I hate Buzzfeed but this is a pretty great list and most of these books I have not read. I guess I had better get busy–I don’t have long to read all of them!

The Definition of Hell For Every Myers-Briggs Personality Type Hahaha, this is great. This is the negative one-line description of each personality type. I’m an ENFP. Pretty much nailed it.

Rabbit enjoying his milk. I CAN’T.

Baby cries in a university lecture. Okay, this is super random and not that interesting but I thought it was super cute. Hahaha.

My Links!

Thinking Out Loud: School’s Out, Life Changes, Bulk Life I’m almost graduated, I have about 9,000 jobs, and carbs give you wings.

Summer Bulk With Annie: French Fries & Gain Bowls Follow along as I vlog my journey starting IIFYM and eat all the carbs.

Why I’m Starting IIFYM But first, watch this video explaining why. 🙂

That’s all for now!

Talk to me:

What links are you loving this week?

What’s your personality type?



13 thoughts on “Link Love 5.15.15

  1. A.M., you mention being careful about weight based comments. What kind of comments or compliments are best given to a person in your situation? I want to support you and help you on your way and I don’t want to hinder you ao put my foot in my mouth at the same time.

    Good luck. Take care of yourself please.


  2. I totally get ya on the weight comments! If I want to comment someone, I try to focus on something natural by saying “Your hair s so pretty styled like that!” or “That color really brings out your eyes” It’s so much easier to tell someone they look good without a focus on weight or body shape.


  3. Hey girl! Love your blog. Been reading it for awhile but just got around to logging back into WordPress and following! Rock on for all the progress you’ve been making. Also, carbs = life, and it makes sense that you have more energy and such! The body is a cray thing.

    Also, thanks for the links. Why do you hate BuzzFeed, if I may ask?

    Wishing you all the best xx


  4. I had a question about your up in carbs! You mentioned your goal was to reach 300! I don’t really know how the iifm works but why can’t you just reach the 300 by eating fruit / whole wheat breads fast and easy? is it because it doesn’t have enough protein?

    I love your blog and videos! They help keep me wanting to stay in recovery and not revert back to restriction!


    1. You can! I actually do eat a lot of bread and fruit, but surprisingly there aren’t too many carbs in either of those for the amount I would need to eat. I choose things like poptarts because they’re so small and easy to get down but pack in almost 40 carbs each. 🙂 I hope that answered your question but yes I do eat lots and lots of bread, bagels, etc. but I try to switch up what I eat. Thank you so much!! <3<3


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