wut is ‘bored’ ?

Hey humans.

I am a complete, total ball of stress today.

I feel extremely overwhelmed  with all that I have on my plate at the moment. I have a ridiculous amount of schoolwork (not just bookwork–all of my schoolwork consists of huge, time consuming projects such as mini-documentaries, commercials, 17 page papers, and reporting on/covering the Nevada Legislature), I have three separate freelance writing jobs, I have dance practices/games almost every night (games take about 6 hours and all of my energy), and I have a lot of other random obligations that I have to attend to daily.

I’m not trying to complain, get pity, or anything of the sort. I’m just saying that I’m stressed. I know that once school ends in two weeks that I will have a load of weight off my shoulders. I still will have all of my jobs, but without having 5-10 hours of school/schoolwork to do every day, I have a feeling that I will be a much less stressed/worried/anxious human.

Today I found out that I have acquired the position writing at the Northern Nevada Business Weekly that I really desired. I still am waiting to find out if I also will be getting the editor position, but as of now I am a freelance writer for the NNBW. I’m thrilled about this–but when I found out that I have another assignment for the next issue of the paper, I got a little bit (more) overwhelmed. I love to write and I love doing fun stories, but I just have so many things going on right now that I kind of don’t have a second to breathe.

If I get the editor position, I will likely wait until school is over to start that. Thank goodness. School is surprisingly my number one stress right now, even though it hasn’t been all semester. All of my finals are HUGE and they all make or break my grade. I just have a lot to do and seemingly not enough time–I already don’t sleep.

Anyway, I’ll stop complaining now. I’m simultaneously writing this blog post, e-mail interviewing the owner of the business I’m profiling for NNBW, sending my professor a proposal for my final project, making a study guide, and eating a protein bar. Oh, and snap chatting. Always snap chatting.

For those of you waiting on e-mails from me, wondering why I’m not vlogging anymore, or just generally feeling like I dropped off the face of earth, I hope this explained that to you! I hope to resume vlogging as soon as school ends, and I will respond to those emails LITERALLY as soon as possible. Right now, I feel like I’ve never had this many commitments in my life. Oh yeah, and recovery takes quite a bit of mental and physical energy, as well. (But you knew that.)

I probably shouldn’t have taken the job as a Campus Protein rep, because I’m not going to make my quota and will have to pay my own money. (If ya’ll need protein/bars/shirts/supplements, plzzz go buy them from here. You get 5 dollars off your first order, and a crap ton of samples/presents when you order anything. It’s honestly a really good deal, and I’m someone who is like nope I’m not spending money. Nope. Really. I ordered Cellucor yesterday and it was 9 dollars less than Bodybuilding and I am getting lots of free shtuffs.)

So that’s life right about now. Aside from all of my physical obligations, I’m having a few personal/interpersonal issues in my life and those are causing me a lot of emotional distress. I definitely don’t want to go into those problems, but they’re there.

I’m hoping I have some sort of a 3 day break in the near future so that I can go visit home. I haven’t been home in 3 months and I miss my sisters, nieces, and parents. I just need a little life break.

I hope you guys are all doing a lot better than me! If you find yourself saying you’re bored, or you actually have time to watch TV or do fun things, just know that I’m jealous because I don’t even remember what bored feels like anymore.



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