WIL: from owning a dog

It’s time for a new series here on be vulnerable; have joy!

As I wrote a list of blog ideas, I began to clump them into broader groups where I saw fit. I realized that I had a lot of “what ____ taught me” ideas, so I decided to make it into its own series.

WIL (What I Learned) : from {insert event or circumstance here}


I wanted to start off the series with a lighter post rather than jumping into some of the heavier topics that I have. As I sat on my new leopard comforter (oooh, fancy) next to Oscar, I realized that since I’ve taken Oscar into my arms and home that I’ve learned a lot. This little guy really has changed me.

Here’s what I’ve learned from owning a dog:

1. Life is way too short to be serious all of the time. As a weird, goody individual I already knew this to be true! But there’s something about having a dog that makes you laugh about small things. How can I get mad at you for pooping in the corner AGAIN? You’re so furry and adorable. Come lick my face.



2. No matter how you feel: dress up, show up, and work it. Oscar always looks fabulous. But really–he has hurt his little legs pretty badly a few times. Dachshunds have very weak backs and legs–obviously–and they’re prone to getting hurt. No matter how badly he is limping he still longs to go to the park, run around, and be Oscar.




3. There’s no need to compare yourself to someone else, or be anything other than your perfect self. Dogs don’t CARE if they’re a too skinny, too fat, too short or (in Oscar’s case) extremely long. They just romp around, do their thing, and live life. Simple as that.


4. Life is simple when you really think about it. Sure, when you get down to the specifics and nitty-gritty, life is kind of hectic and complex. But what it all comes down to is the pursuit of happiness, love, and overall quality of life. Make connections, spend time with people that you want to spend time with (not the German shepherd at the park that attacks little wieners), eat food, take a nap (or six), and never stop doing what you love.



5. It’s okay to have bad breath as long as you’re cute. This one may have been a stretch.



We can all learn from our pets! I never had many pets growing up, aside from a yorkie-poo that we had for about seven years while I was in elementary school, (and a chinchilla…long story) so having my very own little weenie was a new experience for me. I’m so glad I have Oscar in my life to be one of my best friends and attempt to “therapize” (Jarrett’s term) me when I’m sad, anxious or stressed. Mostly he just licks me, yawns, winks and knocks his food bowl over. But I love him.

Do you have a pet?

If you could have either 70 cats or 70 dogs, which would you choose?! Yes, you have to pick one.



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