{good links, this weekend, and life right now}

I’m currently sitting here waiting for my hair dye to penetrate my roots so I can do the rest of my head.

How’s that for an intro?

Anyway, I am currently dying my hair again (still black, but somehow in three weeks I acquired a half inch root and blonde roots + black hair = wut) and then I’m going to shower and make dinnaaaa!

I’m pretty exhausted today after 8 baseball games in a row. This homestand is finally over, and I have about 8 days until the next one! Weee! I can focus on school a lot this week and get some finals studying/projects/editing done since the week of finals I will have games every day. 

This weekend my best friend came to visit! She and boyfriend went to watch me dance at the game last night. I chose them for the “best seats in the house” which are these two recliners at the top of the stadium. I get to choose contestants and all that fun stuff, so I figured I would spoil them. It was pretty awesome. They got to be on the jumbotron, too.

Jarrett liked making fun of me for riding a giant tricycle after one of the contestant games. It was way more fun dancing knowing that I had them there watching, too. There are 10,000 people in that stadium but it honestly feels like I’m just dancing for no one unless I know for sure I have specific guests there.

So last night was fun! Then, today I hung out with my friend and now I’m dying ma hurr like I mentioned, and organizing and doing homework. Jarrett works weekends now (he has Weds-Fri off) and so I don’t know what to do with myself on this Saturday night. I think I’m going to have some friends over later and go out. If I can make it to the shower…

I have a few good links for you all!

I love this. I often get triggered by others and at times it almost feels like they’re doing it on purpose. I really really love this, and that’s all I can say so just go read it.

Exercise Addiction. I, too struggled with this for a few months at the end of my eating disorder. I felt like I had to run every day or I would turn disgusting, huge, and be sad. After taking a 3 month break from exercise completely, I was able to regain weight and now I dance and lift weights in a healthy manner. I do truly love running, but I’m going to keep abstaining from it for a bit longer until I can introduce it in a healthy way. And I don’t exercise every day! I exercise when I feel like it and only if it’s not ED-driven. It’s amazing lifting weights to get stronger rather than look a certain way. Anyway, love this post.

Why Habits Fail — this was posted a couple of months ago but I just found it and I L O V E it.

I like dis too.

43 Signs You’re Definitely Becoming an Adult –> not a fan of Buzzfeed usually, but this is pretty accurate.

Okay, I need to go rinse out my hair. My scalp is itching/tingling/burning/on fire.

Have a good night!

Q: What are you having for dinner? Or, if you’re in another part of the world, breakfast, lunch, snack, dessert, second breakfast, ninth breakfast, third dessert, ETCETERA. 



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