got anxiety?

Hey guys! How’s your day? Good? Cool. Good talk.

I always get questions about how to properly deal with anxiety. The thing is–there really is no way to “properly” deal with or “get rid of” anxiety, unfortunately.

Anxiety typically has to run its course, and as much as that sucks it tends to be how it always plays out.

However, if I sense that I’m starting to get anxious there are times when I can recognize this and stop myself from having a full-blown panic attack. I still deal with the anxiety until it passes, but I would rather do that than end up amidst a panic attack.

I’ve found a few ways to lessen my anxiety that are maybe a bit different than the typical advice. Usually the advice would be to listen to music, talk to someone, lay down, exercise, make a list of good things in your life, etc. For me–1) music doesn’t help, 2) I don’t usually want to use the energy that I don’t have to talk, 3) I’m usually already sitting/laying down when anxiety strikes, 4) I don’t have the desire to exercise nor do I think it is a good coping mechanism for someone who struggled with an exercise addiction in the past, and 5) it’s pretty hard to make a list of the good things in your life while you’re experiencing anxiety, and usually that just intensifies my anxiety because I can never seem to think of anything in the moment of distress. (Of course, I have plenty of good things in my life–anxiety is a weird beast that makes me forget all of those things, usually.)

Now, for my advice:

anxiety relief

My first tip is to pamper yourself. Either take a shower, bath, paint your nails (it’s mindless, but takes a certain level of focus), do a face mask, even go GET a pedicure.

Second, go on YouTube. Or watch reality TV (their lives are guaranteed to make you feel pretty good about your own), or a Disney movie, or anything that makes you laugh and/or zone out. I opt for YouTube usually because I don’t have cable or a TV in my room, and I like watching daily vlogs that allow me to just zone out and stare at the screen.

Third, get some fresh air. I will do this if I have a bit of anxiety during the day, but usually my anxiety strikes during the night hours. However, if I happen to be getting anxious and it’s nice outside I will certainly take advantage of that. Sitting outside or going on a walk with yourself or your pet if you have one is a great way to clear your mind. Especially if you bring music or a podcast.

Fourth, get crafty. This one will work if you’re the artistic type, but if not I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this. I love to draw, write, color, and do little crafty projects. I can really get caught up in a project and doing these types of activities is usually a lifesaver for me. There’s a reason that art therapy is a thing!

Fifth, ice cream. I’m not even joking on this one you guys. Ice cream is always the answer. First of all, it’s delicious and fun to eat and if you don’t like ice cream WHO EVEN ARE YOU? Second, ice cream literally releases hormones into your body that raise your mood and make you feel happy. Of course, this will only happen if you are doing well in recovery (if you are in recovery from an eating disorder) and you do not feel guilt. If you are having food-related anxiety, this may not be the best option. Opt for a safe but dense food, instead.

I hope that at least one of my anxiety relief tips will resonate with you, and that next time you start to get anxiety you can remember the acronym ‘P Y F A I” { please yell for an igloo ? } and choose the tip that suits you best.

If you are one of the lucky people that doesn’t know what this ‘anxiety’ thing is and have never experienced it–you suck. Just kidding, but really. These tips can help with stress, as well. And still eat ice cream. Because that’s always the answer to everything.



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