good linkz 3.29

Haaay guys! I had a relaxing weekend that consisted of errands, dance, dog park and a coffee date. (Go watch my last VLOG if you haven’t yet!)

I want to share a few quick posts that I really, really like.


THIS was a good read. I don’t relate to it necessarily, because at first my relationship contributed to my relapse. However, now that I’m strong in recovery it’s true that having someone who understands and can help is huge.

Like the way you look? Cool, if not read this.

JUST A FEW TODAY! I’m off to eat a pint of ice cream and relax tonight before another really busy week. I have a lot of dance things this week…practices, appearances, dinners, etc. Also lots is goin’ on in my classes and a new class starting tomorrow that lasts for 5 weeks.

I plan on continuing to vlog this week, as well! I will be putting up today’s vlog either later tonight or in the morning.

Goodnight humans!


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