sunday link love 3.8.15

Good morning and happy Sunday humans! Today I have to work on a project and film as well as do homework and prepare for tomorrow’s long day, so I don’t really get to bask in all that is Sunday.

Oh, and what is the deal with this daylight savings nonsense? I was already tired enough due to lack of sleep for the past two weeks and now that tiredness has been intensified. Whose idea was daylight savings, anyway? Ugh. I’m starting a petition against it if you want to sign.

I have some link love for you all! I’ll be sure to do an update post within the next couple of days because I’ve been slacking on that and I do have some updates to share! In the meantime, watch my VLOG if you missed it. 🙂

{link love 3.8.15}

I. LOVE. THIS. 6 Things Recovery From an Eating Disorder Gave Me … I relate to every single one of these and honestly feel like I wrote this. Love it. Love it love it.

And this makes my heart happy. Even though I chose to stop writing for Thought Catalog for personal reasons, I still sometimes check back at the website or see that people have posted their links to Facebook or elsewhere.

This. Besides #6, because I don’t watch Netflix. All others are fair game and apply 100%. I don’t even feel bad for agreeing with this. GET IT TOGETHER GIRL. –this is pretty great. It emails you every day (or weekday, or one day, or whatever you choose) of the week with a short affirmation. You put in your own goals upon creating an account so the messages are best suited for you. It’s a real person writing these things, so I actually really like it. I check my email every morning so it’s always nice to see what positivity I have received that particular day.

I’m dying. What Your Poop Says About You. I’m laughing because this article says to poop once a day, and that some people go 2-3 times but anything more than that is abnormal. I KID YOU NOT I POOP LIKE 5 TIMES A DAY. But they’re all #3s. I have a healthy colon guys. Tmi? Don’t care.

Enjoy life.

This is a good message and this lady is pretty awesome. Honestly, don’t let someone try to change you…if you want to make a positive change then GREAT. But don’t let someone else decide for you.

That’s all for today! I’m off to go do things, ‘n stuff. I have quite the busy day tomorrow so I doubt I will be able to post, but I’ll be sure to do an update ASAP. And vlog, of course.



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