sunday goods 3.1.15

It’s March! How weird is that. Shout out to all of those people with a February 29th birthday–at least when you’re 100 you’ll only be 25.

Since it’s Sunday I want to do a roundup of good links, but I also have some random things that I think are funny/cool/interesting so I’ve titled this “Sunday Goods” instead of link love. You get the picture. (DUH)

I’m currently procrastinating my 10 page essay by blogging, rapping, and eating with my friend Bryan in the library.

Okay, first things first: some good good links.

Okay, this girl is like six years younger than me but I find myself inspired by her wisdom and strength every time she posts. Seriously, I relate so much to just about everything she writes about. I love this article about what eating disorders “look like.”

Why does eating disorder awareness matter? Lauren the RD will tell you why it matters.

What defines you? I’m sure many of you have seen this, and even if you have I would watch it again. The message of this talk is SO important. Also, I just subscribed to Lizzie’s vlogs and I think she is my new favorite human being. She is hilarious and fabulous and I want to be more like her.

Now for some other random goods:


The dryer literally broke my favorite bra. I don’t know how this happened or why horrible things happen to fabulous people, but I really wish I had the motivation to fix it. Instead, I threw it away and mourned for a couple hours. This was my only bra that makes me look like I have boobs. Crying.


Wait a second, this is my new favorite quote. That’ll change tomorrow, but today I choose this. So much truth.

IMG_6828 IMG_6829

As much as I hate both the dress debate and 50 Shades of Grey, when you combine the two it turns into hilarity.


Yep. Yes. Ya. Mm-hm. Yep. Oh yeah. Yee. Yea. Yup. Amen.

And I’ll end with this.

Time for another busy week!



2 thoughts on “sunday goods 3.1.15

  1. Annie you are my hero & thank you so much for posting Lizzie’s talk. I loved it. And that recovery quote will now sit proudly on a post-it on my mirror. Have a fab week xoxox


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