just poppin’ in

Just wanted to pop in and inform ya that I probably won’t be posting much in the next few days! Well, who knows. I may decide to procrastinate an important task and end up right back here…but it’s a possibility that I won’t be around much!

I’ve been viciously typing a twelve-page essay about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs on my two hour break from class. Currently on page five. Luckily I finished another essay yesterday, so I can focus on this essay and my plethora of video packages I have to shoot and edit. Seriously, taking three classes that require me to constantly be creatively shooting and editing packages might have been a bad idea on top of taking two heavy reading and writing classes. In hindsight, at least next semester I only have to take one class and then I graduate. (?!!!?!)

Aside from all of that, I’m trying to get as much work as possible done today and tomorrow, because Friday-Sunday I will be home. (Hoping my mama isn’t reading this because it’s a surprise. I’m pretty confident she’s not reading this, though.)

I do have to shoot a profile on my sister while I’m home, though, but that will be fun because I’m getting my hair done and doing the profile on her success as a hairstylist. She’s pretty fantastic at what she does.

Anyway, I have two doctor’s appointments tomorrow as well which I’m kind of peeved about because I have lots to do, but it will be good to make sure I’ve made progress in the past week. I’m pretty sure I have, because my butt literally grows every day. I swear. Not lyin’. Ask boyfriend.

Also, go check out my short article for my school paper if you get a chance! It’s right hurr. Now, keep in mind I literally wrote this article in nine minutes and then spent a couple minutes editing it. It’s not my best, but I’ll take it.

Well, I guess I should probably make my way to my class now. It’s my communication class so I’m sure it’ll be interesting per usual. Lots of…colorful personalities in that class. I have to say…I’m probably the youngest person in that room but I honestly feel ten years older than everyone. Why am I 12 on the outside but 47 on the inside?

Have a good rest of yo’ hump day!



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