friday favorite linkz 2.13.15

It’s Friday the 13th…know what that means?! Nothing actually. It means that the first day of February was a Sunday, so the second Friday happens to be the 13th. The more you know.

BUT I did what I said I would this week and saved the links of all the great things I read so that I could share with you all. You’re welcome. I do it for the people.


Recovering from an ED in College –> I don’t want to downplay anyone’s personal struggles but I believe it is significantly harder to recover from a restrictive eating disorder whilst in college than say, high school. This is a good read.

10 Ways to Stop Obsessing About Our Bodies –> For everyone. Not just ED sufferers. Good reminders, good advice.

Summer Body Image Issues –> I foresee this summer being especially difficult for me, as I imagine I will be fully weight restored by that time and still very lost in my new healthy (but larger) body. This is actually an infographic and it’s really cool, check it out.

Brain re-training–> The newest article up on YourEatopia. Super interesting and I was relieved to find that I’m not crazy in thinking my brain is being re-trained too quickly. Gwyneth mentions that after only a few weeks of re-feeding the brain can begin to be re-trained. Woo! Learning!

Apple Cinnamon Steel-Cut Oatmeal –>I definitely am trying this next week. Make it the night before, drag yourself out of bed the next morning and have breakfast waiting for you on the stove.

Up The Rabbit Hole and Out –>Though I’m no where near this point in my recovery, I want to return to this article when I am.

Valentine’s Day Puppy–> This is just freakin’ adorable I want it.

Well, I have quite the busy day so I need to go get ready. I’m ready to get today done and do everything I need to do because tomorrow is SAN FRANCISCO! Yay. My home away from home that I’ve been neglecting.



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