to annie; with hate, Ed.


You’re disgusting.

You went over your calories today again.

That pint of ice cream you just ate had 400 calories more than the blizzard you were supposed to get. And you’re the only one that ate ice cream, too. Again. You did it alone again…you’re disgusting.

You’re disgusting. You haven’t worked out in a whole entire month and it shows. Your once toned, concave stomach is now blubbery and huge. It’s only a matter of time before the stretch marks come.

You’re disgusting. Even your boyfriend pointed out today how big your legs have gotten. Other people are noticing now, it’s not just you. It takes a lot for others to notice change. You’re disgusting.

You’re failing. You’re failing so badly and it’s a shame. For years you were so full of control and willpower yet now you are weak. You’re weak, lazy, mistaken and disgusting.

You eat way more than everyone else. It’s repulsive. What was the last healthy thing you ate? The last time you even touched a fruit or vegetable? That’s what I thought. You’re ballooning up as fast as Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

You’re disgusting. Fifteen pounds is a lot to gain in a year, let alone a month. That’s just not right. You’re just disgusting.

You won’t ever make anyone proud. No one cares about your hard work but you, and you’re going to have to face it. You’re a joke. A disgusting, lousy, invisible joke.

The people that support you only support you and cheer you on because you’re gaining weight and not them. They get to stay beautiful while you slowly turn obese. They encourage you to be superior to you.

With hate,



7 thoughts on “to annie; with hate, Ed.

  1. Dear ed,
    Leave annie alone. She is amazing, she is beautiful, and she is getting her life back. She deserved every bite of that pint and is only getting stronger with the extra calories. She is a huge inspiration to me and she is one of most intelligent and supportive people i know. Leave her alone and let her live her life.


  2. Ed is lying: you, my dear, are an inspiring, beautiful warrior of a girl who is getting her life back, one pint at a time. Keep fighting ❤


  3. You are SO brave and you are doing it! I really admire you doing recovery the hard way-hitting MINIMUMS, not just clean food, and no exercise. I truly think you will be better off. Ed is so nasty and this made me so sad to read, but never forget that you are doing the right thing and hopefully this voice will get quieter. ❤


    1. Thank you so much! It’s hard, but it makes me sad when people “recover” by eating clean, lifting (#gainz), or doing iifym or even reverse dieting. That’s just mutating the disorder to another form which is just as damaging to a mind! Thank you so much ❤

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  4. There are so many lies about your body. Enjoy the ice-cream. I love ice-cream. I had ice-cream and cake today, and it was good. Your recovery is such a gift, and I praise Jesus for watching you pursue Him, instead of a beautiful body. If you love Jesus, that beauty RADIATES from the inside out!!!! ❤ Keep up the progress. Don't give up girl.


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