ten things thursday

This week is surprisingly going by quickly despite the chaos! Today is again very busy, and tomorrow is the shoot for my first school news show. ALSO tomorrow, boyfriend becomes a real-live cop. Well, actually he was sworn in yesterday but graduation is tomorrow and that’s pretty cool.


Today I will be focusing on ten things that we can do to be better humans. I certainly think there’s always room for improvement.

1. Write notes to people you care about. I don’t know about you, but whenever I got a handwritten note from a friend or family member in the past it really has made my day. As annoying as those motivational sticky notes were all over my house in high school from my dad, I MISS THEM! No one writes me notes anymore, so I’m going to do this more often.

2. Compliment strangers. It’s always nice to compliment friends, too, but the compliments I get from random people on campus mean so much more than the ones from best friends or family. Sounds weird, but sometimes compliments from people you know and love can be half-a**ed and not really real. If a random human goes out of their way to compliment someone, there’s a good sign it’s genuine.

3. Be thankful. Be overly thankful, at that. Thank everyone for every effort they put toward you no matter how small. In reality, it may seem small to you but it could have affected them in a large way. (ie maybe that friend who bought you coffee didn’t have enough money to buy coffee for themselves, too, but they STILL bought you a drink. They might not tell you that, but that’s certainly a selfless sacrifice.)

4. Work on your temper. We don’t all have bad tempers or get super angry over small matters but we all overreact. Or react before knowing what really happened. Take a breath, assess the situation, and react appropriately. (Sometimes getting angry is quite appropriate…but punching someone in the face is probably not needed.)

5. Give positive feedback rather than negative. Instead of saying, “you could have done this better,” tell the person what they did well and then suggest improvements in an encouraging way. Positive reinforcement is proven to be more effective than negative punishment. I’m keeping this in mind for when I become a mommy.

6. Just freaking be nice. It’s honestly not hard. This morning I was walking behind two girls, presumably freshman (then again, people probably assume that about me so who knows) that were viciously verbally tearing apart another one of their sorority sisters. The things they were saying were so awful, and they literally were shouting. I was a good fifteen feet behind them and could make out every word. Five minutes later in class, a more attractive girl was asked a question about out homework by a man that sat next to her and she was SO rude and short with him. She acted like he was a peasant that didn’t deserve the time of day. She acted like he was way below her. Um, NO. We are literally all the same species and we are all equally important. The president, senators, actors, CEOs…they’re all human. They literally are the same as you. There’s no reason to put yourself above or below anyone else. When I interview someone that is in a position of power and they act like I am dirt on their shoe, I want to scream. Pet peeve. Be NICE.

7. Smile. As a sufferer of RBF syndrome I can attest that this one is hard. I have to physically make sure that my mouth is turned upward rather than scowling, because it’s just how my face is. Once I started reporting and watching back my clips, I realized that I really need to work on overdoing it on my smiles. But in general, it makes you look ten times happier, more approachable and confident if you walk around even with a slight grin on your face. True story. Glad I only took 20 1/2 years to realize that one.

8. Pick up trash. Kind of a random, save-the-planet kind of answer but honestly there is trash everywhere. Since I came to college I have always gone out of my way to pick up trash on the ground outside (or inside) and to throw it away. I still get the most judgmental and weird looks when I do this but there’s really no reason for that. I still don’t know why people would judge someone for cleanin’ up the environment. Whatever. I actually do not care. Peace and love.

9. Develop your talents. I’m definitely slacking on this one but not intentionally. The talents that I spent my whole life pursuing kind of got kicked to the curb once I started college because there wasn’t really any way of pursuing them further. I play the piano and I certainly don’t have the funds/house space/complying roommates to have a piano and practice it daily. I danced my first semester but obviously I can’t do physical activity for a while so that’s been put on the back burner. I’ve been good with writing and journalism related things, arts, etc. I can’t wait until next semester because I’m taking a dance class finally. FINALLY! Anyway, God told us to develop and SHARE our talents so like DO IT.

10. Go one day without saying ANYTHING negative. Sound simple enough? Ha, oh my gosh. I thought I was a pretty positive individual despite my circumstance and I tried this today…by 11:15 I found myself saying to my friend, “literally it is too cold for life” … “this trail mix tastes like butt” … “I don’t want to go to this thing tonight.” So yeah, it’s hard. I’m going to do it tomorrow and I WILL do it. This is especially hard for me because when I’m negative it’s toward myself. Telling Jarrett, “I feel fat” or “I seriously am so sick of this I can’t do it anymore” etc. Maybe I’ll just tape my mouth shut tomorrow. 🙂 But really, try it. And then try it again. And again. Rinse & repeat, baby.

Happy Thursday, guys!

What are your plans for this weekend?

What talent have you been neglecting?



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