rain rain go away

Why is it raining right now? I got so used to the unusually warm weather and I’m not a fan of this January-esque weather. However, I’ll take it over the east coast blizzard. That really sucks.

This morning I’m in a pretty great mood. Despite the fact that I went to sleep at 12, woke up at 3 and didn’t fall back asleep again. Why is my body so weird?

I woke up and made myself a delicious breakfast and turned on my computer to check my email and finish up some homework. To my surprise I got an email from a company that I just applied for yesterday as a receptionist for a massage company. Yay! I didn’t expect to get an interview, so I’m ready to kill that tomorrow.

I also woke up and headed to my school’s newspaper website because I wrote an opinion article that just was published. That was exciting, and I’m excited to be writing for it regularly now. Go check it out. I’m going to pick up a hard copy when I go to class in a bit.

I’m just feeling excited about life and some of the things I’m doing right now. I’m on my school’s news as an anchor/reporter/producer and I am going to start working on one of my packages for our first show. It’s going to be lots of fun–a “man on the street” type piece about Valentine’s Day and students’ opinions on it.

Committing to Minnie Maud was the best thing I could have ever chose for my personal recovery. I know that some choose to recover by slowly increasing calories and still exercising, or only eating clean, vegan, etc. For me, the whole “slow increase” thing didn’t sound appealing because 1) that would only drag out the process and make me more susceptible to relapse, 2) Jumping to 3000 right away shocks the metabolism and helps it repair quicker than a slow increase, and 3) I don’t want to eliminate any food group from my recovery because I don’t plan on eliminating any once I am recovered. Oh, and 4) I had to stop exercising because at that point I wouldn’t be able to just moderately exercise without overdoing it, and more importantly my heart needs a break.

Since I committed to never miss a meal or snack at the beginning of this, it leaves no room for contemplating or skipping out every once in a while. Nope. I’ve heard that “relapse is inevitable” and “relapse is a part of recovery, don’t feel bad about it” but I’m going to have to challenge those statements. I may have relapsed after my first “attempt” at recovering but that is because I was slowly increasing and still doing some strength exercises. For that reason, Minnie Maud is the best method for ME.

Sure I feel like a stuffed Christmas turkey all day and at times it’s frustrating seeing how fast I’m gaining weight, but honestly why prolong the weight gain? Rip off the band-aid quick. While it’s not painless, it’s not as drawn out and anticipated.

Boyfriend has his finals for police academy this week and since he has informed me he will be joining the military (read: leaving me for months on end) if he doesn’t pass (drama queen), I am praying he does well on all of them. Plus, I want that shirt that says police girlfriend. Selfish? Maybe. It’s a cute shirt.

I can’t believe it’s almost February. What? It literally was just Thanksgiving.

Alright, well it’s time to get ready and head to my classes. I really need to get groceries, too. Wow. The amount of food I go through now is impressive. I have to get groceries like three times a week.

Thank you all so much for the positive responses on my last post. It helps to remember what I have behind me in this journey, and keeps me looking forward.



One thought on “rain rain go away

  1. Your journalism course at school sounds much like mine, although I’m in the UK (a bit more shorthand, and slightly different spellings? haha)

    I really enjoy reading your posts at the moment. They are super inspiring and I also think you write beautifully 🙂

    Hugs x


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