thinking out loud thursday

Linking up with Amanda for today’s installment of Thinking out Loud!

This morning I must have woken up at a really crucial point in my sleep cycle, because I literally felt like death. I felt like I could have slept for a year. This NEVER happens, because I rarely ever even fall asleep at night! I wish I could have taken advantage of that glorious moment, but I have a lot to do today so that moment ended up being a form a torture instead.

I made myself a cinnamon latte with almost a whole can of whipped cream while my weiner was going potty outside.



Thank goodness today is my last day of class {until Monday} because this whole read-an-entire-boring-and-irrelevant-novel EVERY night (and write a response to it) is getting very tiresome and exhausting. At least I have four days to finish this next one, and write a 2000 word essay as well.

Although, I will say that yesterday I sat in the back of the classroom with my computer and pretty much didn’t listen to anything that was going on during class. I caught up on a lot on Pinterest and blogs. That was cool.

Oh, oh, oh…did I mention I got a waffle maker?! Yay! Jarrett bought me one a couple nights ago and I’ve used it twice so far. The first time the waffles were pretty much perfect…last night I tried a different recipe and it was kind of a disaster. I mean, I still ate them..because waffles.


My best friend Gareth is visiting tomorrow to go out with my friends and I and then crash at my new house before heading back to Boise where he goes to school the next morning. I can’t wait! I’ve missed my garbear.


{Yes, you needed three photos because I love him that much}

Hmm what else…oh! Lots of quest bars. I’m about to open my package of four that came a couple weeks ago because I just finished up my last box. I got chocolate chip cookie dough, white chocolate raspberry, double chocolate chunk and the new S’MORES. Nom. Will be eating today during class for sure.


Chunk porn from earlier this week. Drool.

Fast forward four hours: I’m currently in class watching a documentary waiting to speak with my teacher about my final paper, and I figured I would finish up this post.



Typin’ & snackin’ and drinkin’ and semi-watching a movie about Indians.


S’mores chunk porn.

I got a call earlier that I’m really excited about!

I have an interview tomorrow after I meet with my therapist, (finally) and it’s for a receptionist job at a major corporation in Sparks, Nevada. This place makes parts for NASA and is super confidential and high-tech which makes me feel like I’m almost kind of a secret agent or something….I don’t know. Praying I get it! It pays pretty dang well compared to jobs from my past.

I think a receptionist job is more conducive to my recovery than lifeguarding, as well. I mean…I sit in a chair and get fed donuts and bagels all day. Cha-ching.

However, I am taking 19 credits this semester along with extra hours for working at my school’s news station as a news anchor. Hopefully I am not biting off more than I can chew…BUT I NEED MONEY! We’ll see. We’ll see if I even do well at the interview. Ha.

I think that’s enough thinking out loud for today! I should be using this time to read a giant novel that I have to have finished by tomorrow, and working on my essay. Eh. Whatever.



2 thoughts on “thinking out loud thursday

  1. Gawsh, I just love your writing girl. I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you. And the quest bar addiction is going strong here over as well! Lol. Unfortunately they’re a lot more expensive in Holland where I live. I can’t wait to finally taste the smores when they land over here! Kisses.


    1. Thank you SO much! Sometimes I wonder why I’m blogging and if anyone even cares and then lovely humans like you remind me that some people actually do 🙂 🙂 And YES you must try S’mores! So delish.


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